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On typing (since I do a lot of it here)

Sometimes, I just sit and watch my fingers aggressively bend, straighten and whip left and right as they fight to click on the keys. Everything sounds too fast and too angry because the keys are being clicked at almost the same time- something which drives my family crazy, “Roba! Calm down!”. I am calm, but my fingers somehow take a life of their own; an angry life, a life faster and more caustic than that of my own persona, though admittedly, I am an aggressive person- impatinent, with a very low attention span, and generally quite dainty.

I think it’s all so hypnotizing.

I type with three fingers- four if you count my lefthand thumb whose job is to do all the spacing. Everything other than the spacing is handled with three fingers on my left hand: the index finger, the middle finger, and the ring finger. My right hand rests at the mouse and the occassional clicks on “Backspace” and “Enter” (for a live preview, check out video above). I guess I have Adobe to thank for that. Ctrl + T plus moving the mouse around, and well, the Dallal’s for passing on the genes for long fingers.

I was so young when I learned how to type, way, way before I had any idea what the internet was. My dad got us a personal computer in the early 90’s with a Wordprocessor, and I used to write, write, and write. I’m so glad blogging came along, at least all the stuff I write don’t get lost now. I can’t even work the floppy disks that containt my early blabberings anymore.

Does anyone else type with one hand? :P


The coolest thing I’ve ever seen


Raising the banners


  1. cool … pretty fast, for me 2-hands are faster and less hip-hop :)

  2. Ziad D.

    The many talents of Roba :) That was faster than when I type with two hands or four; if I were to sprout a couple more. :P Do you look at the keyboard when you type?
    Dang I am going to replay that again, that was pretty awesome!!

  3. Nice fingers
    (Are we allowed to comment on the fingers ?)

  4. واو
    ام امبرسد

    I’m impressed :)

  5. LOL

    It’s really impressive that you use all your fingers to type! LOL

    I usually use my two index fingers but I’m still fast enough! LOL

    ta7sheesh your typing! hehehe
    I need to learn how to use my other fingers! LOL

  6. well…i use One hand with 3 fingers on keyboard ..the other hand click on remote-control..and with my two foOt :P holding my coffee mug :)…nOw ..can u dO that ..naah ..dont think So..! need to see the vi6eO..!

  7. I type with two hands … and if you were living in my place, I would kick you out :D … EASY on the keyboard, yeah?!

    By the way, how many typos per minute do you make? :p

  8. You type with one hand only? I use both, and it’s just as annoying but at least I’m done faster I suppose.

  9. That reminds me of “Thing” in the Addams Family – fun!

  10. Somehow disgusting …

  11. nope all ten fingers for me. ive had people comment on how fast i type and they are like WHOA its like a whorlewind or something. lol they comment on how fast ive become with me sms typing too…

    in never ceases to amuse me at how people stare at uni when im in the comp lab…its like theyve never seen someone type correctly before

  12. what do you do with your other hand?

  13. dragonsvamp,

    someone is not reading carefully enough…Refer to paragraph 2, sentence 2 :p

  14. umm, i meant sentence 3 :D

  15. Talal

    Freakiest. Thing. Ever.

  16. God gave you the joy of having two hands, didn’t he? besides…while seeing that little movie, i kept feeling that you’re a one handed person:S:S:S:S
    a friend of mine told me she types with one hand, i just didn’t believe her then!
    and i would like to know what you typed up there?
    didn’t they gave you a mavis beacon course at school?? :D.. or is just my school?

  17. hisham assi

    gosh! i cant even tell what the hell you were typing :S

  18. WOW.

    I couldn’t do that if I tried… I suppose my hands are used to your generic two-hands-cover-certain-keys-on-the-keyboard method.

    My hat off to you.

  19. Sam Crock

    well, how we can know if what you were typing was something readable! not mere key strokes.

  20. Sam, I suppose you will just have to take my word for it :)

  21. Impressive!

    You know what would make you truely a goddess of one handed typing? If you could type the same way with your right hand and be as fast.

    This way if something happens to your left hand, la sama7a Allah, you just use your right.

  22. abed

    Freaky shit! Reminds me of the movie Exorcist

  23. hahaha.. that was sweet.. looks like your having a hand seizure or something.
    i type with both.. my speed will impress you..

    and, something i noticed while reading comments:

    It’s really impressive that you use all your fingers to type! LOL

    I usually use my two index fingers but I’m still fast enough! LOL

    ta7sheesh your typing! hehehe
    I need to learn how to use my other fingers! LOL”

    There seems to be a pattern here.. hmmm.

  24. Frankly? It reminded me of the little Alien thingie that jumps on your face and puts it’s little alien baby inside your chest. Which then bursts out

  25. Mohammed

    thank god ur not a surgent….
    Are u a lefty ??

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