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The coolest thing I’ve ever seen

I know that this had a mention one post before this post, but then I saw more and I’m so totally and amazingly blown off my feet by this wedding cake that I am going to go ahead and give it a post all for itself.
I mean, if a completely edible Super Mario wedding cake doesn’t deserve an entire post, then I don’t know what does. Just look at the detail. Ok, so now, there’s no way I’m marrying someone who can’t find me such an awesome wedding cake.
I grew up with Super Mario; my mother used to sit us all in front of the Atari and organize Super Mario tournaments. Later, I would play Super Mario to death on a GameBoy. I think this would explain my upcoming design for this blog (peak preview of the new design here)… Anyone else grew up with Super Mario?

Now, for the cake, in all it’s glory of details, check this out:

Cake made by Gateaux, and you really should check out their other cakes, because they’re pieces of art. I don’t know how anyone in the world could ever have the heart to eat that.




On typing (since I do a lot of it here)


  1. Dude i used to live for SuperMario on gameboy !
    I’m saving to invest in a Nintendo DS lite … just for steady unlimited access to my Mario fix …

  2. I loved to play “Snake” on my mobile, i think i know what will i bring to my wedding

  3. Nas

    roba, two posts? are you getting wedding fever or are you just really dying for some cake? :-D

    i think anyone born in the early 80’s grew up with everyone’s favorite little Italian.

    this couple must be serious gamers.

    hareega, loool

  4. Wow, that’s actually edible? A long time ago, I used to be a Super Mario freak.

  5. super mario…. ofcourse we grew up with him:)
    the cake… prepared to perfection!

  6. I love Super Mario. I used to play it all the time with my brother!

    The cake looks so nice and it’s very original for weddign cake!

  7. ya salam wallah hada ishi khorafi !!

  8. mariooooooooo. long time I was addicted to this game :)

  9. wedad

    marioooooooo :) i was addicted to this game… i finished all of the tricks

  10. lol I used to play Super Mario too, and yea it was one of my numerous adolcense addictions.

    It looks really really really cool, but not for my wedding I suppose :-D

  11. LOL Nas, actually, it’s neither, it’s just a Super Mario fixation :P

  12. Shy

    I loved the mario theme music, its ringing in my head now!

  13. LOOL :D
    i love this game …
    I have PC version of super mario if you want :)

  14. Could you imagine the shock reaction of 85% of the guests, if such a cake makes it to a Jordanian wedding party?! All weddings have to follow the same exact template from the Dress to the flowers to the crappy DJ. Any changes in the style and/or sequence will cause the whole system to collapse.

    On a more serious note, poor Mario. Despite all the (HGH) shrooms he popped, princess is STILL taller than him. Shoo 3aib…

  15. Mo

    Ok, now I’m hungry. Really. Hungry.

  16. Ibrahim, beddi!!!

    Abu Shreek, haha, they’d think they’re psycho :D Man weddings in this country are ta7sheesh.

  17. Sonic’s cooler!

  18. When I was a kid, all we had to do was just sit around and hope somebody would invent television so we could play Nintendo.

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