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Recycling Pepsi

Being a devoted Pepsi fan, I thought these ads encouraging the (alternative) recycling of Pepsi were absolutely awesome:







+ Ads of the World


On being an airhead


toot this, you moron!


  1. yazeed

    images wont load, UAE’s Ettisalat sucks, its like half the internet is blocked here.

  2. They are very creative indeed …

    Good morning Robeee

  3. creative tho i hate pepsi :S i prefer 7 up hehe but those ads brought me some inspiration to do couple of things :D

  4. I think the most awsome thing thing that Pepsi and Coca Cola can do is close down their factories and stop poisonong the population of the Earth with this corrosive liquid.

  5. Cool idea, but I wont do it, once I tried to turn a Pepsi can into pencils holder and I was about to cut my finger :( I’m not going to try that again

  6. MMM

    I like :) Really cool…

    I’ve personally done the pencil/pen holder thingie with both Pepsi and Coke cans.

  7. Yazeed, ahh! I’m sorry :( Indeed they do suck.. It sucks that you can’t see them, but I think you should be able to on the Ads of the World Website which I linked to.

    Khalidah, good morning :)

    Jano, haha, oh, yeah? What did they inspire you to do? Do share!

    Batir, oh well…

    Jad, haha, you have to be careful when you do it! The best way to do it is wit a very sharp pair of scissors.

    MMM, really? When we were kids, we used to do that with laban plastic cans, I never thought of doing it with Pepsi.

  8. wow! thats really nice and smart pepsi is the best :D

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