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Compulsory Picture-Taking Sharefest

Faysaleyah from across
The Matrix *Riyadh*
The view of Riyadh at night from Mamlakah Tower.
It’s quite unbelievable to me how flat Riyadh is. Look at it- not a single mountain, not a single plateau, it’s just a flat expanse of land, sort of like a matrix, or a grid.

My favorite Chinese in the world :)

saudi champagne
Saudi Champagne

Baba and I
myself, auntie eman, and mama

Sign inside the compound my parents live in

With Kitty
with Whitey’s sister

my awesome new shoes
my awesome new shoes

fancy shmacny but quite nasty appetizer
quite tasteless but delicious looking appetizer

Mamlakah from above
Mamlakah tower from above


…then and now


Recycling Pepsi


  1. The pointy shoes are not that great.
    I have no idea why ladies like them !!!

  2. Abu Shreek, kol shi 7asab il moda ;) I never liked them either.

  3. HEHE

    your shoes is so 80’s! :D
    Abu Shreek, inta mush moda! :P

    Roba, Whitey’s sister is so cute, but what’s with the blur? hehe, funny.

    Nice photos,
    keep them up.

  4. Nice pictures …

    but not everything in style looks good …Personally, I am a shoe-aholic,(I swear I probably have more than imelda marcos)but those pointy ones never appealed to me.

    Ultimately, if you like them then that’s all that matters!

    you may like this:


  5. Abu Shreek ya jahil, didn’t you learn that the key to making something “pretty” is the price tag it carries?

  6. Jameed,
    not really … but.
    shoes and purses (and perfume) are worth it! :d

  7. Interesting stuff. I’m not quite big on Chinese food, but cute cat (looks deliciously evil) and cute shoes!

    Take care.

  8. ana faroo7a al 7lwah, tikita tikita

    BINT.. I can’t BELIEVE you’re back in AMMAN! There I was jamme3ing all the juicy sawaleef ( remember you kept asking me how things get done last time?) I can’t believe you only stayed, what, two nights? I’m officially mad at roba al assi..

    And you know what’s especially annoying? I have yet to venture into those compounds, man lol. I’ve only been to some very benign ones… none of those scandalous infamous ones (LOVIN THE SIGN LOL).. oye my plan was to mooch it off you and your family for a while. But being the B that you are :'( 6anashteeny..

    when are you coming back here again??

  9. Great Pics Roba …

    You are right … Riyadh is so flat :)
    Chinese food looks yummy … sa7ten
    The cute cat is just that … so cute
    Mabrook for the new shoes … guys will never get it purses and shoes, NEVER!!
    The sign in the compound is very interesting :)

    Welcome Home again!!

  10. Omernos, they’re awesome sa7? They’re so disco!

    Iman, the pointy ones aren’t very comfortable.. but cool, that makes two of us obsessed with shoes ;)

    Jameed, what price tag are you talking about?

    Zeyad, hehe, she does look evil doesn’t she? Hope all is well with you.

    Faroo7a, I’m sooo sorr y babe I got so busy with my parents as they had so many plans for me! Next time I’ll tell you before I come and we’ll plan it before hand so that nothing can happen. I don’t know when I’m coming again, I’ll let you know.

    Khalidah, thanks ya amar :)

  11. Roba now i remember you, We where in the same lecture “Arabic-Islamic civilization”. I realized now after seeing your pictures.

  12. Mhmmm… I don’t remember. Are you the one who was Lina’s friend?

  13. Well depending which Lina you’re talking about? Anyways I used to sit in the third raw, with a dark complexion, glasses and I used to discuss and answer a lot. I guess if you saw me you will remember and by the way you have me on your Hi5 list, if you still use it. What maters to me now is that I’m reading for someone who reminds me that Jordan still has good people…
    Have a nice day

  14. Sara

    Hi stranger, I just have to leave a comment about your pics from Riyadh. That picture with the view of the city by night is special to me, for some reason I lived in Riyadh when I was a child, and one of my strongest memories is when I was in the aeroplane on the way down and thought to myself: “shit, I have to remember this forever, it’s so…flat. and beautiful”.
    TonightI had nothing to do and for some reason I googled Riyadh and that picture came up. Fabulous!
    So, now you know that. ;)

  15. Ryan

    Where is the Chinese place? Since I’m half-Chinaman, I’ve been looking for a good place.

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