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On being an airhead

I’m sitting on my parent’s couch in Riyadh blogging from my mother’s laptop, and all my luggage is laying on my bed in Amman. Seriously.

I forgot my luggage.

How could I have forgotten my luggage? My brothers called me and told me they will laugh at me for the rest of my life. How could I have gone to the airport with nothing but my handbag? It has nothing but my passport, the unreserved tickets, my wallet, the abaya, and a book. Nothing else. I don’t even have lipbalm (well now I do as my mother’s friend gave me a tub that was in her bag). And I’m staying till Monday. That’s like 5 days away. Mehhhhh!

Looking at the bright side, this means intense shopping ;)


Riyadh Once More


Recycling Pepsi


  1. You forgot your luggage???

    You have really made me laugh from the bottom of my heart in the middle of the night … everyone is asleep but me .. and when we say LOL … that was it for real .. :)

    On the other hand; yeah you are right … some heavy duty shopping is in order :D

  2. I think in Riyadh Abaya is more important than the luggage. Well, at least you had a very “light” travel.

  3. Easy on the “intense shopping”, you might forget everything in Riyadh

  4. اللى واخد عقلك !

  5. moi

    lol, that’s classic. you didn’t remember when the person at the ticket counter asked you if you would like to check any luggage?

  6. No way! This is really funny! Enjoy your shopping :)

  7. Wow. I dreamed I did that when I was getting ready to come to Jordan, but to actually do it? That’s classic. At least you remembered the abaya.

    As for the shopping… maybe it wasn’t so “accidental” after all.

  8. ROFLMAO? hehe
    ba3dain sho hada abaya?

  9. Come on … fess up … You did that deliberately …. SHOPPING! … Cha ching!! baba … I forgot my luggage!! cha ching!

    Smart move ;-)

  10. kinzi

    Roba, I love this about you! Sharing with us something that would remain a secret of mortification in the minds of many others.

    I have dreams that I am still packing while on my way to the airport and my flight already left.

  11. 7abeebti Roba, this isn’t a glitch in your memory implementation, this is a sign. Really, it’s a sign that fate wants you to go out to all those beautiful malls and buy till you drop! So you know the saying, don’t go against fate, it’s shopping time ;)

    Have a blast gurl!

  12. noooooooooooooo!! hahahhahha this is the first time i hear something like this hahahh its ok 7abeebti if its only 5 days, u’ll manage ;)

  13. mmm, too much stress?

  14. mohammad

    don’t feel too bad ,i once forget my passport at home and went to the airport and when i got in they asked me “your passport please” , and i looked at him and said what do you need my passport for i already have my ticket , looooool , ofcourse i was 11 years old at the time . so i got back home and back to the airport but i didn’t make it so i took the one next day , lool , ((TRUE STORY)) , and have fun shopping .

  15. rami

    absolute b.s., u wanna tell me that neither whoever drove u to the airport nor the guy on the counter asked u about ur luggage !

    la2eelik kharta gheirha…

  16. OMG wow i never thought that was possible!

  17. oh how funny! i’ve heared of so many funny stories when travelling… but this is the funniest :P good luck with your shopping… winter is coming…

  18. hisham...

    looooooooooooooool…i sure am glad u didnt forget you! haha

  19. Rami, iza inta bto3rot 3al nas hay moshketlak, o mish kol 7ada bil 3alam bo23od bo3rot.

  20. lol, lol, and lol. Eish hada Roba? Ishta3’lat amsal teeta :P

    Rami, 3ala fikra, no one asks for your luggage, cause there a lot of people that travel without luggage, since they’d be commuting nonstop. Chill man, I don’t think the world has lost any action, for Roba to lie about her luggage and blog it, really!

  21. Trust me Roba,all the shopping in the world will not make up for your brothers (shamateh)what is it in english by the way:)ra7 yezilloki feeha..haha!

  22. hey Roba :) have a nice time there.. it was really funny :p

  23. like rebecca i had such a dream/nightmare, but its really hard to do, maybe you had one of those days where you’re absent minded and just flow around, with nothing on ur mind is really prosessed! severe case of that i should stress:)

  24. Ohoud

    You could have called it absent mindness;)


    That’s hilarious! I’ve forgotten many things in my life, one of them was my passport, but luggage? That’s a classic.

    Yallah, it’ll a good story to share with friends ;), plus the shopping will do you good.

  26. Ziad D.

    It happens Roba. It was only natural that you were concerned about your tickets being unreserved that it has taken over other minor details ;)
    You have a legit excuse to get new stuff for yourself so enjoy… Hope that you give us an update on your ‘obligatory’ shopping spree. Enjoy Riyadh.


  27. Roba in Lala Land

    it’s ok
    I wish I could do that,
    so I wouldn’t hassle with it. And not get lost,
    I’ll ask them to send it! :D


  28. noona

    noooo! i’ve always used the term airhead for totally different situations :S, not a dazed forgetful person, you might be an airhead i am sort of clueless about that, but i mean i am offended since i am dazed and forgetful but in no way am i an airhead.

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