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Riyadh Once More

Depending on my fortune and someone else’s misfortunate, I’m probably going to Riyadh tomorrow. ‘Probably’ because I don’t have reservations, nor am I on the flight waiting list, I’m purely relying on my sheer luck.

I haven’t been to Riyadh in almost a year, and although I have flight reservations on Saturday, my dad convinced me to try my luck tomorrow, “We’ll take you to Fuddruckers on Friday, and Chinese on Saturday, and Japanese on Sunday! If you come on Saturday, you’ll only go to Chinese.”


He’s betting I’ll make it. I think I’ll probably be back at home in Amman at 4:00. I don’t know. What do you think?
I guess no way of finding out until you miss a few day’s worths of posts on this space.




On being an airhead


  1. Gus Assi

    Have fun in riyadh .. take care of urself, and get me a burger from fuddruckers :P

  2. Welcome to the city :-)

  3. 7otee eshe 3ala rasek.

  4. What about steak house? tell him if you dont take me to steak house i will not come :P

    actully if you didnt try steak house before, i suggest you give it a try this visit, they do the best steak in Riyadh …

  5. Ibrahim, yum, I love steak house. My favorite dish at SteakHouse is PBoy Shrip. That’s yum!

  6. how is it there?? u know i always wonder what its like in KSA…

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