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You know, I never saw this coming.
Whitey, born in Saudi Arabia to a Riyadhite streetcat and a Riyadhite ultra-spoilt Berman housecat, says hello and sends her love.





Moment of Silence and Rememberance


  1. awwwwwww thats soooo cute and sweet

  2. Whitey rocks!

  3. Gus Assi

    Whitey is a really cute cat.. but he’s annoyingly stupid.. he just likes to get his butt kicked from me :D

  4. First she’s thrown on a ball and forced to pose in humiliation. And then severely ridiculed by her superiors in public?

    I’m sorry but this aggression on Whitey will not stand!

    NB: It felt like someone punch me really hard in the chest when I read this masterpiece of a quote, “Then what’s the point of dragging a dog behind you?” he added. “This is blind emulation of the infidels.”
    I’m still trying to recoup my breath from laughing so hard.

  5. the prob is, now, everything is expected! Everything! like bakkouz’s JTV site post and this cats and dogs thing and moey’s funny pic about google earth.. many many other, it brings tears :( when will they improve the mentality, ok not the mentality maybe too early, anything else?
    yallah baseeta :) hehe
    btw, i hate cats and love dogs but this kittie is cute :))

  6. LOL:

    “I was shocked when I heard about it,” said Fahd al-Mutairi, who owns 35 cats.

  7. Whitey is adorable –and one lucky little critter to have found a good home with you :)

  8. Seneferu

    That cat is just eeviil:-)

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