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Happy Birthday Hisham!


I love this picture, my brother Hisham did it when he was perhaps in the 6th grade and I thought it was so unbelievably creative.
Happy birthday Hisham :)


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  1. Happy Birthday Hisham … 3o2bal 2ad ma beddak :)

  2. Aww Happy Birthday Hish ;) It is creative, dark humor :P

  3. seems everyone is having a bday now…lol…cute pic and i agree with amino…creative dark humor

  4. Happy Birthday Hisham


  5. Hal

    :) Happy Birthday man, I don’t even wanna KNOW what you’re gonna do to celebrate. It’s gonna be something destructive for sure!

    COUNT ME IN!!!

    I love destruction. :)

    Happy birthday 3an jad!

  6. happy birthday to hisham, it seems you’re a creative family ;)

  7. Koll 3am w Howweh B5air
    and the photo is really creative!

    I just wish it’s not in that Grandma frame! hehe


  8. Happy birthday.

  9. hisham

    thank you, you guys are so sweet :)


  10. happy birthday :)

  11. haoory birthday hisham>… i know this is late :P

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