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The cutest ad Fastlink will ever have…

hmm 116

Me loves Whitey.


*** UPDATED *** Guess who is stealing pictures?


Happy Birthday Hisham!


  1. awwwwww i love kitties tooooooo. thor is sleeping right next to me right now…beyond cute

  2. Cute. What does this suppose to tell us about value and service?

  3. What does it have to do with fastlink?

  4. the ball ya aboud the colors, sleepy cat hehehhe

  5. Cute kitten! It will be a catchy ad.

  6. Awww.. I love Whitey’s eyes, lensaz? *lol*

  7. Troy Z

    One Word: ….or however many words for which that counts.

  8. Lensaz viry peatifol kat!

    i love,

  9. LOL, actually, that’s a Fastlink ball that Whitey was getting cosy in.

    Khalaf, it’s not an actual ad… I just had that as a title of the post cause of the Fastlink ball.

  10. Ziad D.

    There is this thing with cats outward appearance that can be summed up in one word: ‘smugness’. I mean look at whities eyes, it screams an ‘I am better than all of you look.’ Still extremely cute! :)

  11. Thats what the feline family has come down to.. a lazy furball.

    cute nontheless :)

  12. What an adorable little kitten! Sooooooo cute!

  13. Dallua01

    Awww….. whitey is soo cute… I have a question where can i get a kitten??

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