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No Control Over the Sky

Ghost Neigborhood

Although we live right over the infamous and quite crowded Culture Street, our neighborhood is usually blissfully peaceful, well, other than the neighbor’s dogs which never seem to stop barking (in fact, they’re barking at the moment).


Spill the beans


*** UPDATED *** Guess who is stealing pictures?


  1. Why is it “infamous” (or did you mean Famous)?

  2. IN-genious

    yup, the Qweider refuses but to strike again.

  3. i just love this picture, and i love it today more…

  4. Roba,
    great photo! :D

    Ammani sky is wonderful!

    but what’s with the fugly google ads?! :/


  5. I love Shmeesani! it’s the area I’ve been raised in!

  6. this is a beautiful photo but you should lighten the bottom part a bit…


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