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Now Legal


I would say he’s the only “mature” one of us four- the one who absolutely refuses to do anything that’s even slightly mischievous, the one who remembers to remind everyone else to call aunts and uncles, the one who avoids the heated discussions about religion in favor for contemplative silence. He’s also the least annoying out of the boys and the only person in the family who keeps scoring medals. He eats all the chocolate (and hides whatever he doesn’t eat), he’s the only soul on earth that Whitey likes, and he is really, really, really tall. He’s quite evil, he’s extremely loving, and he sometimes comments here and there anonymously.
Well, he’s Omar.

And Omar is now legal.

Happy birthday!


Spill the beans


No Control Over the Sky


  1. mabrook.
    sho ya3ni legal?

  2. That is so sweet!!

    Happy Birthday Omar ;) don’t raise your hopes too much, 18 is not that legal ;p

  3. Happy Birthday and many happy returns of the day :)

    He looks cute in the pic :D

  4. Arrabi, Legal ya3ni he’s turned 18 ;)

    3ogbal il 100 saneh :)

  5. Happy birthday Omar.

  6. You know, now that you’re legal you should have a shot for every year.  

  7. Awww Happy Birthday!

    Blue Liquid – corrupting the kid are we :P

  8. Habby birsday to you … Habby birsday to you … Habby birsday dear Omaaaaaeerrr
    Habby birsday to you
    Okbal el 200 years

  9. ta7sheesh Qwaider, I want to seng wiz you

    Habby PIRSDAY to you
    laww sama7t ma tensa el “P”

    e7keelo Koll 3am W howweh b5air,
    and now He can kill and go to prison! How cool is that! hehehehe


  10. Omar Assi

    Roba thanks alot , appreciate it… amazing pic, I realy should make that shirt and Ruba (:P) im not evil its just… um… a better road for me to take

    Thanks everyone… by the way age never got on the way of me going any where due to my height, so they might ask an older person for their ID and let me pass :D advantages of being tall

  11. Qweidar and Omar, thanks guys! Nothing beats a nice Jordan style birthday song.

  12. freaky pic man…lol

    being legal is no fun i tell ya! its fun having the option of pleading ‘minor’ness when it comes to court problems dude! but now that is never possible…

  13. Hal

    eeeeeeeeeee, it’s your BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Happy Birthday ya shagfeh, can you use the word shagfeh when referring to a guy? Hhmmm. I don’t agree with Roba, you’re not evil at all, you’re just easily influenced by your evil brothers. :) Kulli sanna oo inta tayeb ya gameeeel! :)

  14. Nosy

    Meen Whitey?
    wa ma3 meen bil3ab 3omar wa meen modarriboo 7aliyyann??

  15. Roba,
    el 7sab 5.50 dananeer law sama7tee. El org wel tableh men 3endna ya3ni, inshallah tra3i wathe3na.

    Whitey is the scrumptious white cat owned by the glue monster Roba, but obviously seem to love Omar more!

    Omars and Cats,
    i’m not surprised at this one either! hehehe


  16. hisham

    mabroooooooooooooooook ya5oooooooooooooy…..3ogbal alf malyooon sanah…

  17. Noor

    sweets enjoy it

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