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Spill the beans

I’m as obsessed with bags as I am wish shoes, but bag-obsession isn’t as easy to portray. I like them over-sized (to fit all my junk), with an external zipper (cause I’m always dropping my bag) and an internal side pocket (so that I can easily find my phone). The print should either be plain (to go with everything), ethnic (like this one), or a pop art piece (cause I simple adore pop art).

Unaware that this has been going around in the form of a tag, I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a while, then Moey tagged me today so I thought i’d sieze the oppurtunity. Because I haven’t had an art class since May, the contents of the bag are usually very different, I guess I’ll do another one when the semester starts.


Ladies and gentlemen, the spilled beans of my bag (click image to enlarge);

1. The bag itself, a Stradivarius number. I got it as a birthday gift 4 or 5 years ago. I love the print, but it doesn’t have a zipper or an internal pocket so I only use it during the summer when my bag isn’t as jammed.
2. V for Vendetta the book.
3. My wallet, which has so much stuff in it that you’ll be completely shocked.
4. My keychain; house, car, and mailbox. Notice the flash port, a very important part of my life.
5. Phone.
6. Hairband.
7. iPod Mini.
8. Vaseline.
9. Lip Balm with SPF 15.
10. Ralph by Ralph Lauren, my favorite daywear perfume.
11. Gum.
12. Disposable eyedrops.
13. Spare batteries.
14. Multi-tasking metal pack, currently containing glasses that I need to fix (I left them in the car and they melted out of shape).
15. My favorite pen, Stadetler.
16. Super glue.
17. World Cup left overs…
18. Bills.

This is such a cool tag that I’ll tag anyone who feels like sharing the glories of their bags, but since I have to name a few people or the tag boogies will give me nightmares, I’ll tag Hala, Leilouta, Salam, Natasha, and Tololy.




No Control Over the Sky


  1. hahaha nice items, you know.. i have like a bag obsession as well, I have different bags.. like 20 of them.. and also stuff differs when uni :)

  2. Hal


    Eft, eft.

    Here we go with the fadaye7.

  3. Go V.

    Will you please do a post on the book once u finish it? Please?

  4. thanks roba! you made one of my dreams come true :)

  5. Superglue? That screams “art student”. In college I never went anywhere without my mini swiss army knife… until it got confiscated at the airport.

  6. my bag is oversize, people always wonder what I have in it!

  7. Hal

    Adel, I am dying to know what your dream was. To know the insides of a girl’s bag? Really? That’s a DREAM you have?

    What the hell other dreams do you harbour?

  8. Love the bags and the beans Roba :P

  9. Too bad I don’t have my bag on me right now, I’ll post about this tomorrow!!

  10. I will post mine in the next few days.

    I love that you have glue in your purse. I am going to start carrying it too. I am always breaking things and I am always trying to find glue :)

  11. why i’m not surprised from 16,


  12. cool bag Roba,and thanks for the tag.I just posted my reply,check it out!

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