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Dancing atop of Amman



Dubai Censorship Nox


Safe world


  1. Are they doing public executions again in Amman? :)

  2. Bloody pirates!

  3. sim

    i’m scared..

  4. mmm? funny. three comments that i absolutely cannot get :D

  5. i loved this place, they have very delicious mana2eesh ;) and the view is even better than wild jordan to me at least..

  6. This is in Old View, isn’t it? :)

    I love the place!
    The picture is absolutely wonderful Roobs..

  7. This place is really good,
    and the picture would have looked better without this thing.

  8. I just read about a shooting in Amman today:

    This is so very very sad. I hope you and your relatives are safe.

  9. thats a great shot Roba.

  10. cool pic i like it :)

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