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Words can never hurt you, eh?





Dancing atop of Amman


  1. mmmm, what?

  2. Very wrong!!
    Words hurt the most!!

  3. roba …
    stones can hurt your body , can broke your bones and may be kill you ( physically ) , but at the end it will not cause the words effection ! ..
    words can not hurt your body , can not broke your bones , but it may kill you …
    yes , it may kill you by breaking your heart …
    you may be able to make you hate everything among you …
    it may make you hate the life and thinking in ending your life …
    there is such word can turn my life to paradise …
    in the other hand , there is much words i prefere to die before listening for it …
    we can protect our bodies from stones throwing , but we can not protect our hearts from words attacking ! ..

  4. LOL

    not so Mysterious
    It’s damn Harpic for toilets idiot!

    Abdelkareem, if you find a hard time expressing in stupid English (seriously, English language is stupid), oktob 3arabi! A7la! :D


  5. omar …
    i will not comment here further …
    i dunno what the problem with you , i am free to comment in any language i want , at any way , i will not comment here more because that i dont want to make someone like you attcke me for my special way in expressing …
    thanks a lot for your ” GOOD ” words which can destroy person , not hurting him only …
    it is expressing example roba !!

  6. Omar, sod off and act like a mature person; how would you like it if you were in his shoes? There’s a fine line between joking and hurting someone; not everyone is blessed with good english.

  7. Congratulations on the new blog, and the new design.

  8. Nas

    lol very clever

  9. I dont think i get this,
    In whose shoes are you? (if any)..

  10. If words dont have any impact, you wont find all of us surfing the web reading each other blogs that usually contain no more than words…

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