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Is it just me or does everyone in Jordan seem to be suffering from a B12 deficiency these days? Everyone seems to either be taking a course of B12 supplements or knows someone who is. Weird.

On colors and stuff

Roba says:
i love colors
nada says:
i knoooooow
heik yummmmmmm Untitled-1
a7keelik sir
i smell colors
Roba says:
can i blog that?
nada says:
inno each color has a smell
Roba says:
willa 3anjad sir?
nada says:
no mish sir
bas how r u gonna blog the smell
Roba says:
whats the smell of yellow?
its warm..
and sweet
nada says:
no it’s sour
it’s sweet
heik contradicting
Roba says:
nada says:
purple yummmm
o red
num num

Artsy-fartsy question of the day for everyone:
What’s your most delicious color?

While on books…

الفتاة التائهه تنشر كتابها الأول

Don’t you just love it when female Arab bloggers go a step further?
Go Ihath :)

Books, books, books


I don’t think anything excites me as much buying a new book, and in the past few months, I’ve bought a very large amount, the latest being bought today. So exciting.
Here are some of the books waiting on my shelf for their turn to be read,

1. “Orientalism”, Edward Said
2. “Palace Walk”, Naguib Mahfouz
3. “What is Typography?”, David Jury
4. “Seeret Madinah” (Tale of a City), Abdulrahman Muneef
5. “Pop: Truth and Power at the Coca Cola Company”, Constance Hays
6. “The Best Tables, Chairs, Lights”, Mel Byars
7. “1,000 Greetings”, Peter King
8. “The Historian”, Elizabeth Kostova
9. “Graphic Design America”,

Conversation over Ftoor

Omar: “Roba will read Harry Potter first and I call next.”
Hisham: “No! You can’t call next! I already called it next two years ago! This is the first time you bring it up.”
Omar: “Two years ago is too long ago, I’m reading the book after Roba.”
Gus: “How about I read it second?”
Hisham: “No. You’re too slow. I’ll definitely read it second, I’m the fastest out of you three.”
Mom: “So they released the book?”
Roba, Hisham, Omar, and Gus: “No.”
Mom: “When is it going to be released?”
Omar: “Umm, still no date decided.”

Harry Potter Book 7

Fatwa to Go

Yes, seriously, at least in India.
You can actually order your very own fatwa for as little as $22.
I can think of plenty ;)

+ Moorish Girl

When a dance class becomes a requirement at Jordan University…

The dance hall

The dance hall

Never would I have imagined that one day, I will stand in a circle with some of my colleagues from the department in a backroom in the Sports Complex of Jordan University and well, be taught how to dance.

One two three four. One two three four. One two three four. Can you hear the rhythm?

I suppose that’s one of the good parts about studying fine arts and design rather than just design. I mean, you can’t graduate with a BFA without taking classes titled “Music Appreciation” and “Rhythm and Dance” can you? I’m not sure I became more musically sensitive after last semester’s music appreciation class, and I’m not sure if I will actually learn how to Waltz this semester, but with tri-weekly 2-hours-a-day sessions of dance with a Russian proffessor whose passion in life is “expraissin rhee-tem wid mowment” for 3 entire months, I’m guessing I will learn more than the dance salute we learned today.

So anyway, after 40 minutes of listening to the importance of dance and 60 minutes of practicing our posture, we finished our very first Rhythm and Dance class today, and left the backroom to find that Jordan University had closed its facilities while we were busy trying to perfect our salutes.

20 students and a Russian proffessor were locked in the Sports Activities Complex. Thirty minutes and many phone calls later, a security guard finally comes and opens the doors for us.

Locked in

Locked in

Locked in

Locked in

So yeah, looks like it’s going to be an exciting class. Tomorrow I’m going to buy a training suit that satisfies the professors demands to wear something that “shows muskles”. I don’t own a single training suit. I don’t even own a pair of pants that are not made out of denim.

Pure Mahogany Auburn *UPDATED*


Well, that’s what the tub of dye that I just poured over my hair says anyway.

This is the first attempt since my teenage “crazy” years to dye my hair at home- and even when I do dye it at a salon, I go with natural brown (picture of me with my usual hair color). I guess the shade should be more mahogany then auburn as my current hair color is dark… It’s sort of scary.

So yeah, totally holding my breath as I wait for the next 10 minutes to pass before I rinse the color off. I hope it’s not too dark or too light…



hmm 2080

Results: I love it! :D


I wouldn’t have minded if it was slightly brighter, but this shade is definitely cool. I’m guessing it’ll be a lot brighter in daylight. I think it’s perfect for the upcoming winter season.

For the women interested in obtaining such a color (for future Googling referencing), I used L’oreal Feria Pure Mahogany Auburun, color P55 on brown hair.

And now we turn two

… so it’s been two years since my first post.

I started (typically) by uploading an image that I had saved years ago and which I thought was cute (might I add to that that at that point, Blogger still didn’t have the image upload feature and I had to figure out how to link images using html).

For And Far Away, there were no hellos, there were no introductions, there were no “this is my first post”-style first posts. There was a headfirst dive into the world of blogging. Splash, splash.

This blog has gone through many transformations since that initial dive, in terms of content and design. The content grew as I grew, it changed according to my whims and fancies. It’s funny reading all the old posts and remembering what I was thinking as I blogged the older pictures and the older posts- they are full of memories, especially of people who I have drifted further away from during the past two years. I’m definitely a different person today than I was when I first started And Far Away.

Naturally, the visuals of this blog have changed a lot too in the past 2 years. The readers definitely get attached to the visuals, and some still email me saying they miss the very first design of “And Far Away” (which was very simple, white with a red header), and others are fond of bringing up the street header which was so much more ‘alive'(which is still functioning here) than the third design with the gray background and the city scene.

Today, to celebrate the beginning of the third year, I’m changing the design once again. I’m sure the “I like the old design better” emails and comments will keep coming, which is cool, it’s so interesting to see people get attached to a design, but personally, I think I like this new design the best so far. There’s a lot of white, a lot of colors, shoes, and best of all, there’s Amman right up there over everything else. This design gives an instant identity on first impression; it’s yelling, “Hey world, this blog is coming to you from Amman, Jordan” and I absolutely love that.

So here’s to a third year, And Far Away, live and kicking from the heart of the Jordanian capital, Amman.

I never though it so possible to love a page on the internet so completely.

Check out the first anniversary post ever.

Why I dislike Ramadan in Jordan

… because I become extremely unproductive and I absolutely hate it.

In Saudi Arabia, they would shift the work day a little further allowing you to sleep till around 10:00 AM, and they divide the work day into a day shift and a night shift, so you work for 5 hours in the day time, go have ftoor, then go back to work at 9:00 PM and work for another 4 hours. The shops close at 2:00 AM, giving you time to get all your needs done. This way, if your morning hours are only fruitful in terms of caffeine-headaches and a hunger panges, then at least you can work at night.

Meanwhile, in Amman, the schedule during Ramadan isn’t adjusted at all. For example, I have a few things to do this week, and I know I need to have my complete mental and creative abilities to get the stuff done properly. But how and when? I have classes from 8 to 4, so there goes my day. Not that it would have been much help because I can’t concentrate while hungry. By the time I get home, figure out the iftar social obligations of the day, which usually drag till 8:00 PM, there goes my evening. By the time I have the chance to get some work done, BAM! It’s 9:00 PM, and I have to wake up at 6:00 AM the next day! That leaves me with around an hour to get something done.

Bracing for a long month ahead…

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