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And the Arab world loses some more…

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Naguib Mahfouz, arguably the Arab world’s greatest novelist, and the only Arab to be awarded a Nobel prize in literature, at 1988, died yesterday at a hospital in Cairo. He was 94. May his soul rest in peace.
Mahfouz was buried at Al-Hussein mosque near his birthplace in Cairo, according to his will. His funeral was attended by a few friends and relatives and a score of Egyptian officials, but the people of Cairo who made the characters of Mahfouz’s novels were absent.
It is regrettable that funerals of great men, such as Mahfouz, in our Arab world are not attended by the Arab masses that were the main body of their work. Our people prefer to march in thousands at the funerals of their oppressors and dictators.”
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“The story of Egyptian novelist Naguib Mahfouz is the story of modern Egypt itself. Born in 1911 in the Gamaliya district of Cairo, Mahfouz witnessed the last days of British colonial rule and Ottoman influence, the nationalist struggle of Saad Zaghloul, the reigns of King Fuad and King Farouq, the military coup of 1952, the establishment of the republic, Gamal Abdel Nasser’s takeover in 1954, the Suez Canal crisis, the rule of Anwar al-Sadat, the Camp David accords of 1978 and finally the brutal dictatorship of Hosni Mubarak and the rise of Islamic fundamentalism…”
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  1. i think that naguib mahfouz was killed , not died , he killed many years ago when the radical islamists try to make the simple people who make them the charachters of his novels look at his as KAFIR because of his great novel ” awlad 7aretna ” , and the great problem is the situation of egyption government which prevent this novel till few years ( i think it printed legtimatly 1 years ago when naguib mahfouz ask one of MB movement to write an introduction for this novel !! )…
    no one can deny that naguib mahfouz was great in his field , but he was not stand much against the tyranny in egypt , he was known tolerated to the authority , but we can consider his novels his own way to resist this unacceptable politics .
    i like him so much , cause that he give another meaning to the name of our country , it is not only land of pharohs and old temples and pyramyds , there is too writers and thinkers and novelists who can prrove that egypt also have minds …
    i read his introduction to the last ahmed zewails previous arabic book which prented by DAR EL SHOROOK ” scince era ” or 3asr el 3elm , in arabic , i note that he was thogh his bad health he was communicate with latest books ….
    we will not forget you YA 3AM NAJEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEB

  2. كنعاني

    I think that people know best whose funerals to march in, I was hoping that this will happen, and I was so glad to see it.

  3. Gilad

    Very sad to hear of Nobel-Prize winning Egyptian author Naguib Mahfouz passing away

    A brave person,whose support of peace with Israel led some Arab countries to ban his works

    May he always be remembered

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