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Yeah, pictures

– “I’m not exactly dying on going to grad school but if I end up deciding I want to get a Master’s degree or something, there’s no way I’d do it in the US, I’d definitely go to Europe.”
– “But at the US you’ll get the best of what Europe has to offer with their centralized education. You’ll get the best of Italian professors, the best of French professors, and the best of everything.”
– “Who cares about education. They don’t have the Louvre do they?”
– “No, but they have really good pictures of the Lourve.”

(pasted from a conversation with the Sandmonkey)

Pictures! Hear that? PICTURES!

Admittedly, the MoMA sounds a lot more appealing to me than the Louvre, and I’m so stupid with foreign languages that the US of A sounds so fantastic in terms of not having to worry about Mazen’s Italian or Margerie’s mix of French, Dutch, and English, but whatever, eh?
15 more credit hours left for me to get my Bachelors degree, and quite honestly, aside from a few classes over the past few years, I learned everything I know now from books I bought myself and from the internet, so why should I go waste more credit hours watching the seconds handle of my watch spin around? Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

On other thoughts, do you think I can write a book? Some people have accused me of being too random. Then I said, so what if I’m too random, I can still write a book. Then they said, “Yeah, but who will want to read it?” So question is, if I’m ever to write a book, about whatever topic in the universe, will you read my book?

Finally, moving on to the completely random fact of the day, but a fact that’s so vital that I’ll dedicate a post to it and it alone sometime soon- I HATE PEOPLE WHO USE A LOT OF EXCLAMATION MARKS AND QUESTION MARKS AT THE END OF THEIR SENTENCES.

Sort of like this?!!?!!!

Seriously, dude, one is enough. One is plenty. I GET THE POINT. It’s even ruder than yelling in caps. Get the point?!!?!!?!!

Quoting Hala, effft!






  1. Nas

    north american education is over rated. no thick sense of culture (in my humble opinion)

    mark twain said, never let school get in the way of your education.

    if your book has a snazy coffee-table cover then i’d buy it. not necessarily read it. ok maybe i’ll borrow it from a friend and never give it back.

    i wonder how many people commenting on this post are going to go on a punctuation overload…zanakha bas

  2. Get your masters, The higher the credentials the more people would want to read your book :)
    If you write something fiction, I would want to read it. But please don’t write about your life … there’s seriously nothing there ;-)
    Let see how creative you are!!!!!
    And what’s up with the ??!!???!!!!!?!!!
    It actually says something … think about it. There is a hidden message in there.

  3. Ziad D.

    Hi Roba,
    I think you should come to northern California. We got great weather, a vast diversity (every culture on earth), excellent sushi:), and top notch universities: Stanford, UC Berkley, Santa Clara to name a few… Plus we have SFMoMA. ooh and blazing-fast internet service providers (5 MBPS)
    Hope you come for a visit, you’ll love it!


  4. Roba, go for masters.. I’m planning to do them from now.. I’m not that ambicious thu.. i want to do it in UK or in Lebanon, why.. because I think they’re the best places to live.. don’t ask why!

  5. Maybe you should write a book about randomness …

  6. Salam,

    Could the “!!????!!!!” be a secret binary code of some sort?

  7. My vote would go for a UK top league university, n somewhere amongst the top 10-15 too if possible, you’d be surprised at how commercial some of the UK’s universities have gotten.. Of course theyre not too commercial when it comes to home/EU students, but to people outside that circle, (i.e overseas students having to pay 5 times the price), Its a cow that theyre not going to stop milking anytime soon.

    N i’d read your book, if it was structured.. n well, short :)

  8. you defenitely can and should write a book, you can call it: patched rumbles: a reminiscent of mayonnaise cradled in oblivious delight.

  9. I’d read your book.

    As for grad school, I didn’t go, myself, but I’ve heard from others that the most valuable part of it is the contacts that you make (it was a MBA student, so maybe that has something to do with it).

    I would recommend that you spend some time in the west– not because you’d gain creative, free-thinking skills– you already have that, but rather because I think you’d do those westerners some good. ;) On the other hand, I love your passion for the Middle East. I’d hate to see that be diminished if you got sucked into the west.

    No rush to make a graduate school decision soon. It’s often best to take some time off of school and get some working experience before going back. I think people who do get more out of Grad school when they go.

    Cheers! (!!?!??!!)

  10. Oops! I use them too much! and now as i’m writing i have to go back delete the excess od the ! and .
    I would read your book, just make sure to let me know about it :)

  11. Heyyyyyyy,

    You chopped up half of my comment !!!???!!????!

  12. Lol, Khaled, I didn’t chop of anything.

  13. Hal

    Habibti be my guest, everyone wants the ‘eft’ – am not even gonna bother with copyright issues at this point.

    Roba, I’m not even gonna bother commenting on the book and masters thing – both are the bane of my existence and I stress about those two topics 24/7. I will say this however: I think we should apply together somewhere, become roommates, share shoes and think about the book thing.

    One thing however. I feel bad now coz I’m the ???? and !!!!! type. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to stop! Eft.

  14. I completed my Bachelors in May…It’s now September (well, close enough), and I’m lost!

    I’m “itching” for education, which is the funniest thing in the world considering that I was the laziest student ever (my degree classification reflects this…I actually slept through one of my final exams :-S).

    Every September for the last 17 years I’ve been ready to enter another academic year…and this year I won’t be :(

    It’s a weird feeling.

    If it didn’t cost so damn much, I would be embarking on my MA this year, but alas, it’ll have to wait until 2007 ;)

  15. Read any Terry Pratchett? Some quotes:

    “And all those exclamation points? Five? A sure sign of someone who wears his underpants on his head.”
    — (Maskerade)

    “Multiple exclamation marks are a sure sign of a diseased mind.” — (Eric)

  16. My pick would be Europe, having lived in the U.S., France and the Netherlands. New York would be okay, but it is so expensive and the artists are being driven to the fringes by the high cost of living and the mass culture. But hey, you might help change that.

    I’d read your book.

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