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Beirutis Respond : Resilience

Giant billboard on a major Beirut Highway.

+ Beirut Spring




Yeah, pictures


  1. Intresting how blogs grew to be very effective and important that they are starting to be a business!

  2. can’t see the picture

  3. me

    اذا فشختك كبيرة، كيب واكينغ

  4. nice!
    now i can see it

  5. Mohannad

    Great idea, but black is too dark,,,,
    I think it would looks better with the blue. Is not it ! …
    \\ Cheeres..

  6. Cool…..

    Thanks for the find Roba…

    I blogged it at AdBlogArabia.

  7. Capitalizing on airraids 101

  8. Ya3ni …… Nothing better then A Whiskey brand to represent the the suffering!
    Maybe they wanna forget!

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