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Roba passed Oloom Askareyeh :)


So long Batelco!


Yeah, pictures


  1. Alf mabrook, 3oqbal ma titjanadi ;)

  2. Hehe… Mabrook! Of course you did;) Everyone passes 3oloom 3askariyye- unless you have too many absences or rely exclusively on tashnees:)

    It’s such a relief to get it done with, though! Ah… it was painfully boring to have to sit through the lectures (especially when your seat is in the very first row:( .

  3. Mabroooooooooooooooooooooook

  4. Nas

    mabrook…you know our army could use a creative director :-D

    (something to consider)

  5. Describe Dabbabet Khalid ben el Waleed for me in less than 600 words

    in our class we had 1200 students, only 60 failed, but it’s always good to pass.

  6. so ,in an ascending order,name the titles (rotab)of army men.

  7. It was tough! i barely attended 5 lectures!

  8. That was one of the most boring classes I ever had! Gosh, I remember in the first exam my nose started to bleed heavily (you know aqa3et Samir rifa3i – JU in the summer course, Soo Hot!!) So the instructor (I can’t rememebr his rotbeh) 7izen 3aly and helped me through the whole exam – well, that’s the good way of putting it, he basically ‘gashashnee” kol il imti7an!!!!

  9. Mohannad

    Masha Allah, touch wood

  10. Hal

    I swear to God, I STILL don’t get what the hell is this 3uloom 3askariyeh thing. Army Science? What the hell?

    Tab did you get to crawl on dirt and fire kalashnikovs and shit?

    Mabrooook, but can we go out and celebrate in that way we know best? :)

    3uloom 3askariyeh? Huh?

  11. Well, they kickout only galeeleen el 7aya that dont attend and consider their self so elite to attend,, this is a conclusion!

    Faaa … i told u u’ll pass .. & U did … ur roba after all ;) hehe.. congratz

    Reem , I bet he was karakee ;)

  12. Mohannad

    karakee ;) what is that mean?

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