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The Room (Representing Movement)


Shoe Therapy


So long Batelco!


  1. People come and go .
    Your left knee is like a watchdog ….

  2. Emm.. Butt gallery?

  3. I have seen this in the making. Very nice!

  4. ,,,,. mesh fahem

  5. Hey… that’s my butt !! LOL.. how come you’re always up to something totally eccentric robz :P

  6. NeO

    u know what would be even better…if u had the camera put somewhere and just left it take a pic every 10 mins or something…i’ve always had this infatuation of wanting to know what’s going on in a certain place like in my room when im at work for eg…nice idea btw..original;)

  7. good show , although i don’t understand that why you make photos near ground , i watch only legs , knees and shoes , the only head i note was aminos’ and shahinaz …
    but at any way , it is good , mesh hanza3alek , zay ba3dooh , temshy :)
    nice to meet u roba , and be in touch..


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