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Shoe Therapy

Nothing feels as good as going shopping and emerging with three pairs of shoes.

hmm 008
Although the reaction to these shoes was “Yeah, you should go demonstrate against the war in Vietnam”, they are most definitely my favorite buy out of the three. I absolutely adore flat boots, especially when they come with a tag that says 75% off! Bargain.
Now all I need is a pair of skinny-leg jeans for the winter and I’m set to go. Yay.

hmm 014
This pair is the most “me”, especially as I already have several pairs that have a similar look. I like their color, it goes with everything, and they’re cool for daily hustle and bustle, although they’re not as comfortable as they look.

hmm 002
Finally, the shoes that are the least “me”, but they’re the closest to what I had in mind without an overpriced price tag. I only bought them cause I need a pair of heels… I actually was looking for something more like this:

Bas yalla, summer is almost over.


… but words can never hurt you


The Room (Representing Movement)


  1. LOL

    what’s with women and shoes? why the fascination?! hehehe

    ta7sheesh your second picture is like
    IN YOU FACE BAKKOUZ! Manakeeer Yumm! hehehehe


  2. where did u get them from? can u list stores please, and prices?

  3. I don’t have the shoes issue for example, but in a perfume shop (as many could testify – lol @ dana).

    I love the boots Robz!

  4. ahh, I love shoes but I’m very fussy, so it could take me all day to get the right ones. For work, I love stilettos, doesn’t matter if it’s 1inch @ 2.5 inches. They’re actually comfy, although some people often wonder how i could walk in them!

  5. Girl

    What a topic..Shoes and your feet!

  6. Mohannad

    Lucky you, three pairs of shoes at the same time ! Do you walk a lot?


  7. I swear it’s a virus :) Roba I just posted a pics of my flip flops a few days ago .By the way I loved your boots and the red nail varnish. I am crazy about boots but not heels !

  8. I hate shoe shopping, coz my feet are shaped weird and it’s hard for me to find shoes that fit properly, so I usually just end up with sneakers… Actually, I hate shopping in general, except for book shops…
    Still Roba, I would like to congratulate you on your new footwear, especially the boots…let’s hope they were made for walking…

  9. wallah ishi jameel, the boots are uber cool even though i’m not a big fan of flats, but hey its a matter of personal preference and what ever makes you comfortable, no? :)

    The ones in the middle are my favourites cuase they have this romanisc design, even though i wished it was a sideview photo.

    yalla mabrook mabrook :D

  10. Oh and Omar, Roba is an exception, bilbag 3alaiha ;)

  11. resident

    your topics really funny,
    Nice shoe for beautiful feet…

  12. Bakka, ROMANTIC?

  13. NeO

    i’ve got kind of a foot fetish…soo this is like the perfect topis for me!!…btw i love the last pair although they’re “the least u”…and the u were looking for is amazing bes lil asaf…i love ankle straps..they’re nice:)

  14. Hal

    OH my God this is my favourite subject under the sun, I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to see this post – i’ve been so busy that I’ve missed the SHOES discussion?? That’s AWFUL.

    Roba, I am so RPOUD of your purchases, I neeeed to borrow those boot! No nevermind, tell me where they’re from and I’m on it. Ba3dein God bless pedicures.

    When will people start learning they should not go shoe shopping without me? You’re my FRIEND – how can you do this to me? HOW???

    I need the boots. I neeed the boots.

  15. rami

    just came across this blog. keep up the good work.

    i’ve also got a foot fetish. u have very nice feet and the red manakeer are too much.

    yalla, take care …

  16. LOL. Now you’ve done it. You’re going to attract all the bloggers with foot fetishes.

    Great choice for both the sandals and the boots.

  17. boots lookin awesome girl!

  18. brilliant shoe shopping !
    i am DYING for a pair of platform boots
    sooooo adorable

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