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I hate Batelco.


  1. Well Roba!

    Sure looks that you will meet some fierce competition in the field of Fine Arts and Design! With such a budget thes guys will soon re-designs the hompage of the Government of Jordan too…

  2. U.I. too confusing, eyes starting to hurt.. must reach for ‘^w’ hehe..

    In their defence though, (n as far as the front page is concerned)..
    1) no grave linguistic mistakes, (right?)
    2) The 10 lines of scripting or so only threw a big bunch of warnings at me, but no errors to halt firefox.. horray! mozilla friendly!

    In fact, in retrospect, it isnt bad at all..

    my .02£

  3. Min aimta sar fee mowazi 3aini 3aink?
    kol fikri inno kan mitnakirr ta7t asma2 (dawli, masa2i, istikmali..)!!

  4. i know i just saw that today…interesting…i think it looks better than the previous layout but they seriously need to settle down on one thing and let it stick…

    when are the stupid grades gonna come out??? *wonders*

  5. Elaborate, goodlooking design on front page

    HOWEVER, doesn’t make for easy navigation –
    but the navigation links lead to subpages with
    a wholly inconsistent layout.

    Conclusion: Polished and user-unfriendly first page,
    not-so-polished still-user-unfriendly subpages,
    = I could have done it better myself. Probably for
    less, too … :-)

  6. Success!

    No, really. It sucks.

    Still waiting for acceptance, or denial, for that matter.

    Check my new and improved blog design!

  7. Yeah, drastic face-lift. Still a bit crappy though, but a lot better than the older one. But I say this is good, I mean, wouldn’t you think it’s unfair to design a really good website, for a crappy university? And give poor foreign students the wrong impression of JU?

  8. the old crappy design was much better

    Abu ShreeK; 3eini 3enak since el 5awareef ebtedfa3

  9. I agree with Moey. I vote for the old design too!

    It might be unpolished, but it does not put up pretences in the way the new one does. The old is simple, functional, and has at least some (even if dusty) academic touch….


    oh my i hate this emboss thing

    I’M BLIND!

  11. dozz


  12. I have no idea whats going on :|

  13. Dar

    I am not comfortable with the colors !


  14. It’s so crowded… and so ugly in colors…
    check my university’s layout… It’s amazing :D

    Bakkouz… JU changed it’s website’s layout. The old was ugly,, the new sucks… why the effort!

  15. The curved menu bar is hot!

  16. This is the worst design i’ve ever seen!
    Using a background image as a full design is stupid!

    ctrl + in firefox and see

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