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I hate Batelco.

Hate. Hate. Hate.

(typed while running a 40kb/s internet connection)
(it should be 520kb/s)




… but words can never hurt you


  1. Snap!

    Roba I was actually going to Batelco Tomorrow to get their 1Mb/s line!

    Now I’m confused!

    Can anyone say an educate opinion about Cyberia vs. TEData?

    I have few days left :D

  2. Najeeb

    Go to tedata man, best service, best price, and more IMP, UNLIMITED DOWNLOAD

    Go there
    if u needed more info, or a twesayi :P
    contact me

  3. TEData rocks

  4. I mean an educated

    Such comments like “TEData Rocks” won’t do any good :D

  5. I have a 512KB/s too which now is only delivering around 60 kb/s (almost as slow as dial-up).

    Apperantly, I’ve used up my bandwidth for the year… and Batelco suggested I pay an additional JD 70 (to the JD300 I originally paid) to go back to 512KB/s.

    Somehow, I feel it’s not right.

  6. Najeeb

    Dear firas
    I used to have a 512 from Tedata and i used to download 4 GB / a day, THERE is no limits at all, and you have a real 512 speed
    now i have the 1024 and am downloading a 7.5 GB / a day
    try te data
    here is a number for a sales
    call Renad 0795233828, and ask her about it
    i do recomened TE data , they are great, good speed, always connected , no downtime, and the best part is
    if you bring a frnd you get a month free :P
    so if you decided with Tedata just tell them , am from Najeeb :P

  7. Looks like Batelco service is going down the drain! Allah yir7am!

  8. I have TE Data, and I haven’t been to happy with it. It often cuts out, disrupting my downloads, or is unavailable entirely for about 5 minutes. But I’m beginning to think they gave me a bad modem. I need to call them for service.

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