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  1. hi roba …
    i was very happy to meet with you in cairo , although i have not a fortune to talk much with you …
    in this seminar , i met people from different backgrounds for the first time in one place , and that make me faithed that the difference is not problem , ignorants only who fight each others because that they are different …. if we own different views that mean we own treasure of ideas can contribute ( if we try to discuss with each other on it ) in reform our societies which i see its breakdown will come soon ! …
    be in touch with me …
    and give dana all my greetings …
    yours : kareem

  2. intéresse
    c’est une photo abstraite
    mais j’aime la lumière verte :D

    My rotten french
    trying to practice it! :P


  3. moe

    dear god ….i cant stop laughing

    “i have not a fortune ”

    i am gonna save this page….my friends need to see this

  4. gosh, this is how i would imagine monsters to look like when i was a kid. far out ;)

  5. moe …
    what is funny in what i wrote to make you laugh without being able to stoping ??!!!
    i don’t understand what the problem with what i wrote her ..
    can you explain more ??…

  6. moe

    oh goood are killing me
    dude…you gotta give me your email…i need to chat with you sometimes…you are somthing dude..

    you see i am 12 years old…i am kinda silly but dude….i am not able to stopping..i am breakdown

  7. moe …
    i can not give my email to someone i dunno him …
    don’t feel that as nonpolite attack … but at first , i feel that you tried to talk in unacceptable way with me …

  8. moe

    oh man
    god …i am hurt
    i thought i would have a fortuane to chat but damn…i have not a fortuane

    aaah…i think i will get over it someday

    hehhe….i love you man you are so sweet..dont ever be able to stopping being sweeting

  9. random lurker

    Moe, stop mocking the poor guy. He’s obviously not a native English speaker, but what he writes is deciphered easily enough, and he is at least getting the spelling right.

    Kareem, your posts read like a computer translation to English, the sentence structure isn’t that of native English, and looks awkward. Also you include words in sentences where they are superfluous, and leave others implied where they are needed, again as if you had used an online dictionary to automatically translate the words without paying attention to the context. Throw in some grammar problems with the tense of verbs, and a bunch of phrases mean or imply other things in English than what you obviously intended, and you have a mix that any twelve-year-old would find hilarious.

    This in not an attack, only the explanation you asked for in comment 5.

    I could go into specifics, but it would be a long list.

  10. random lurker

    *a bunch of phrases which mean or imply …


  12. Okay everyone, enough with Kareem. Kareem is our friend from the seminar, and English is not his native language. I don’t think it’s appropriate to make fun of someone who’s not fluent in a different language; the shame would be not knowing your own language. He actually took the time to comment on each single blog of ours, and that in itself is a gesture of his kindness. So guys, knock it off ;)

  13. For some reason, (gonna, gotta and “somthing”(6)) are supposed to be an indication of language capabilities, in a pathetic attempt to hide obvious incompetence in the area of constructing a single “useful” sentence in either language. (Wa 3agabi)

  14. moe

    i love you guys….i hope that i will grow up to be just like you…..i love philosophers

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