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Confessions of Sandmonkeys

Al-Qahira Il Kobra

“You Jordanians are really grouchy,” confesses the Sandmonkey. “Aiwa,” Iblis agrees. “You go to a barbershop in Jordan and instead of fiding the chatter you expect to be found in such a place, you are faced with people who won’t even say good morning!”

I do agree with them to a measurable extent, especially when compared to Egyptians who are more lively- but hey, at least we make yummy falafel ;)

* * *

Back from Egypt, which is still as polluted and as crowded as ever. Thanks to the Sandmonkey and friends though, I got to see a gorgeous side of Cairo that I would have never gotten to see otherwise. I’m really impressed with how socially, politically, and culturally aware this particular group of young Egyptians are. These people were definitely my favorite part.

On a similar note, downtown Cairo is fantastic, and so are many other areas and locations that I greatly enjoyed. The only part about Cairo that I really couldn’t get over was that it was kteeeeeer chowwbb!!! The heat is horrible. I don’t think I have EVER been in a place as hot in my entire life, and this is coming from someone who spent most of her life in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

I guess that’s it about the trip for now. Or maybe forever. I don’t know. Perhaps you may eventually see a post about the differences between the various Arab nations, which absolutely amuses me- the accents, the traditions, the physical features of the face, the city planning, and the language.

Good night.

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@ a mosque in Cairo, 2006


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Appreciating a city


  1. Welcome back!

    And yes, it would be nice “to see a post about the differences between the various Arab nations”, but first you should get some rest in the ‘sort of’ cooler weather that Amman has to offer :)

  2. wow, glad u enjoyed the trip.. and i think it was interesting to meet sad monkey

  3. AMINOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *has a breakdown*

    glad you’re back…i thought i had put up a comment somewhere here telling you that our final is on monday and not on sunday from 9-11 but i guess it didn’t get posted up or something…

    you must at least put a ton of more pics up and you have to tell us all about the seminar!!!!

  4. mmm high heel heaven :D
    wb roobee :)

  5. Allah Roba intee 5alas Masreyyah?! hehehe
    EEEK! Amino’s there! hehehe

    I am glad to see you enjoyed it!
    and btw, the manhole pic is amazing
    you should do one in Amman, and add
    them up with the Beirut one! hehehe

    7amdellah 3ala El Salameh,
    w i’m deadly jealous of you guys! hehehe


  6. Hi Roba, What is this green shroud that you are wearing for?

  7. What do you mean you don’t plan to write more about the trip??!!!

    Welcome back Roobs.. I really missed you ya binet! Let’s go out for a coffee sometime and then I can extract all the stuff you don’t want to post, lol :D

  8. I love Cairo. Its a 24 hour city!!

    In case you still didnt go there, go to Spectra restaurant in the mohandeseen area (awesome restaurant) and Cilantro cafe (loved the sofas and music:D) and Casino restaurant on the Nile (amazing for dinner or just a cafe in the open)

    and have fun!

  9. nice manhole picture, the best so far for the red shoes,
    and yup i have notice the high heels too

  10. Tim, khalas, will do :)

    Moey, indeed.

    Dragonsvamp, haha, well yeah.. I didn’t have internet access :)

    Bakka,Bakka, haha, they’re actually my mother’s shoes ;)

    Omar, ooh, good idea. Allah ysalmak :)

    Lina, haha, I’ll definitely see you soon. It’s been too long ya benet!!!!

    Ohoud, maybe next time :)

    Manal, really? I think my favorites where the ones with the car.

  11. Isabelle, they make you wear that frock before you enter a mosque.

  12. Welcome back, Roba

  13. I disagree with the barber talk thing,when my husband comes back from the barber shop,he always has some pretty interesting topics to tell me,from politics to sex,they talk about everything,always interesting.

  14. and Roba you agree with them from your own experience in visiting Jordan Barber shops?!!

    One thing i feel sorry for ladies in Jordan is that you do not get the chance to experience a visit to a guys’ barber shop in jordan :p

    But i promise you a completely different experience than ladies beauty centers where the only things ladies know is how to put ‘manakeer’ ou ‘padakuuuaar’ ou sashwarit isha3rat :p

    well no guys barber shops u get to meet with people from all social, educational, and financial backgrounds…all experts in politics lolss and have perfect analysis for the developments on the global scene!!

    and when someone leaves the place he would say: ‘na3eeman ya 7’wan’….. :p

    not only this…we are educated people…ya3ni bitlageelik 3al akal 2 or 3 ga3deen bigroo jarayid aw majalat 3umurha 3 years or something……ino atleast they try to read, and probably learn something new :)

    Please…sandmonkey is the last person u should quote for hehe..this guys has problems :p

  15. aviel, israel

    cute girls… ;)

  16. Girl should seriously consider starting a diet ;)

  17. one of my best days that was the last 5 days
    thank you Roba
    and i hope i can visit you so soon at Amaan

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