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Off to Pharaoh Land

Egypt 2004

(For a few days anyway).

It wouldn’t be my first trip to Egypt, as the department took us there on an “art” trip a couple of years ago. Naturally, the trip was bucketloads of fun (of course, how can you not have fun when you’re going with friends?), and I fell absolutely and hopelessly in love with how culturally rich the country is (and horribly terrified of how polluted and crowded it is).

I wasn’t amused by the country’s claim to fame as the Pharaohic stuff didn’t do it for me; I actually thought they were as dull as their description in art books, “characterized by flatness, lifelessness, and grandiosity”. What really tickled my senses were the religious art and the contemporary art of Egypt (man, Mahmood Mukhtar is awesome).

It is worth mentioning that some of the closest moments I have ever felt to God (rephrase: one of the most spiritual moments of my life) was in the grand mosques of Egypt (I think other my other two moments of spirituality were in the Haram of Mekkah and the Ummayyad Mosque of Damascus). My God. It is impossible to not let out a gasp of amazement when you enter the Mosque of Sultan Hasan.

This visit should have a completely different flavor though as it has nothing to do with the first love of my life, art, but rather, with late-comers in the list of loves of my life- activism and blogging. Joining me on the trip is Amino, Sandmonkey, and I suppose other bloggers that I am still not aware of.

I doubt I will blog as I don’t think I will have computer access, but if you can fill up your time with instead checking my new cool links page, or perhaps by reading Nox magazine.

Cairo 2004

Cairo 2004

Cairo 2004




Confessions of Sandmonkeys


  1. “Love Activism”?!? What kind of a shallow, silly remark is that!!!?
    Activism is not something to like, it doesn’t exist on it’s own. You can love a CAUSE and be an activist for it!!

    Anyway, hope you have fun, send us a lot of pictures. and come back safe and sound.

  2. Yet again.. 2 words, fteer mshaltet + 3asal baladi.. *sigh*

  3. Lol Qweider, goodpoint. I just couldn’t be bothered to think of the right phrase.. Cause it’s not really activism anyway :)
    I’ll take pictures inshalla.

    Odeh, hehe what?

  4. Tim

    “I’ll take pictures inshalla.”

    There’s no ‘inshalla’ in taking pix! You better come back with pix (jk)

    “..the Pharaohic stuff didn’t do it for me”

    ^ Yeah well, as long as you don’t curse around them, then you should be fine (ideally) ;)

    Hope you have a safe/enjoyable trip!

  5. well have fun and take loads of pics!!! Take care and look after amino for me…make sure she gets back in one peice ok? lol

  6. Ziad D.

    Enjoy the sites and sounds, and have a lot of fun there. I have only one small bit of advice: Please avoid consuming too many vegetables there. Focus on bbq’s more as they are less likely to have germs that your stomach is accustomed to -I get a stomach virus everytime I visit Amman :(. Egytians are wonderful people!!

    Bon Voyage!

  7. Youre going to Egypt right? Cant go to Egypt n not have feteer meshaltet with honey… (im afraid you cant google that one out hehe).. You see, some things are just too close to being heavenly that even google’s Web-omnipotence cant quite describe them.. just ask any egyptian with evident love of food (ya3nee 3endo/3endha karsh bel3arabi), n you’re sure to reach enlightment :)

    bon voyage,

  8. Tim, haha, well I had toss in an -allah word after the whole “allah yehdeeki” fiasco! Yeah, don’t worry, I live to take pictures.

    Dragonsvamp, don’t worry about Amino :)

    Ziad, lol, good tip. I remember last time we went to Egypt, I was in shock at the food. It is so different from what we eat, so the only I ate all week was bread and occassional Hardees.

    Odeh, Egypt has good food? I’ll definitely try to try them and let you know.

  9. Mohannad

    Roba, I suggest you visit the Tower as you can the panaromic view over the nile and the whole city. Khan Al Khallili, has many shops that sell good silvers / souvners.
    Al fajala has excellent bookshops with very good books (mostly in Arabic). For the Egyption cuisine, try hot Koshari, 7ammam ma7ashi, molkhiaha and Um Ali. For the drinks, try fruit jucies (mango, strawberry and sugar cane).

    Enjoy and take as much photos as you can. I miss Cairo so much.

  10. Hi, do you wana to do an interview with me?

  11. Roba

    It was lovely meeting you today, I hope you had fun, and maybe I’ll see you again before you leave. And Yes, we have GREAT food, if none of the Egyptians with you feed you properly, let me know, I’ll take care of

  12. roba!! I have great news (at least i think it is)…this sunday turns out to be isra wa miraj (sp?) and therefore we wont’ be having our Writing exam on that day. It was postponed till Monday Same place and same time.

  13. have fun roba, nice links page althought i’m not there lol j/k, i’ve been to sharm el-sheikh before so i guess it’s the only place i like there, many italians/french over there too, sorry for the late reply :P

  14. Enjoy it there:)

  15. basheer

    I told you Roba..
    Once you’re inside the mosque, you’ll have very different feeling.
    That’s what happened to me and I never look back since..
    Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi roji’un..

  16. Gus

    Im going tooo on wednesday :D .. but u’ll be back in amman :(
    Have fun in eygpt roba.. take care :)

  17. Have fun Roobs, we’ll miss you :)

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