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[Self] Restraint; Control; Constraint; Suppression

self control







  1. OMG…dolls just freak me out…*shudders*

  2. I wonder how would they eat ice-cream!
    Do the dolls have dreams at night?

  3. I bet you’ll find a similar photo taken by Sabri Hakim.. hehe :)
    nice photo.. a little bit creepy though..

  4. This renders disturbing familiarity to me, a dejavu with a theasurus page I’d seen in times past.. and an ambience filled with sporadic “3arayes” “3arayes” shout-outs.. anyhoo,

    If you throw in an extra semi colon at the end, you get yourself a valid code-block.. hehe

  5. I want to take off the heads of two,
    glue them to the third’s body, or like, melt the neck’s tip, and then dress them up in white tape (taba3 el karabjeyyeh)

    then, I’ll get my marker, add slimey black swooshy shapes on their eyes. And then, hang them in my bathroom, with ‘3ajaleh’ on top. I can dip them in the toilet. With the toiled got Harpic + Blue coloring.

    Then I dry them, place them in a black box,
    and send them to someone!

    who are you?!?!

  6. Omar, hahah you absolutely cracked me up :D I love taking pictures of messed up dolls!! (though I would say I took very good care of mine as a kid)

    Odeh, haaaaa! Geeks :P hehehe, ta7sheesh :)

    Abeer, ooh yeah! I love Sabri’s stuff!

    Qweider, shu dakhal il iceccream? They’re singing!

    Dragonsvamp, clowns freak me out :(

  7. Hi Roba, How are you? you look soooooo different. I live in Manchester if you want to come to visit us like this you can see my son.see you soon khaled Abu Aws

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