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UPDATE: Fixed and stuff.

Accidentally deleted my CSS file. Oops.
Working on fixing it, it works on Firefox, but it looks sorta funny on Internet Explorer.

My advice?
Get Firefox.

get firefox

get firefox


[Self] Restraint; Control; Constraint; Suppression




  1. adi

    I do not think u deleted it. It is here
    u might have many CSS files. I think u have errors in ur css files. You have simple errors. To view ur errors, use FireFox. Go to tools, then JavaScript Console and clear everything and refresh ur website. few errors will popup, click on them to see what they want..


  2. how do you accidentally delete your css file? silly Roobs =p

  3. FF Rocks.

  4. Adi, yeah, what I actually did was I overwrote my CSS file with the wrong file so it looked CSS naked for a while.
    I still have some bugs on IE that I can’t figure out though :(

    Bakkouz, hehe, shuf meen be7ki :P

    Adel, oh yeah!

  5. Roba

    I have a terrible problem with IE
    but to hell with it I’m not going
    to solve it! Ya3ni 3anjadd its irritating!

    What doesn’t work here, works there
    and what doesn’t work there, works here

    AHHHHHHH, Estoobed IE!

  6. What a lovely logo of that hungry angry fox.

    Found an e-cafe here in Cape Town while travelling. I am so happy every time (as now) a place like this has Firefox :))

  7. Belatedly! I salute your spirit to do away with norm:) but those who are after quality use Opera not Firefox ;)

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