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hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 318

Another lazy Thursday spent sitting inside the tiny cosiness of my favorite gallery-turned-cafe.
The decor is as eccentric as my grandmother’s house, except that somehow, in the clash of colors and the excessiveness of patterns, there’s a certain beauty that my grandmother couldn’t quite bring out in her own place.
The long open doors and big lace-covered windows of the little cafe look out onto Rainbow Street many decades after the streets intital fall from glory. The cars that pass are probably heading to Books@Cafe a few turns away or Wild Jordan down the road. The mosque two buildings down insists on cranking up the volume of the radio way too loud for the call of prayer. People of all ages, colors, and sizes are making their way with their carts and supplies to the alley around the corner, getting their stalls ready for Friday’s weekly flea market. There’s even an ice-cream cart being rolled, how many tongues will feel this icecream melt deliciously tomorrow?

My thoughts are suspended by a question from those around me, “What’s on your mind?”

My mind spins a thousand tales, a thousand thoughts, a thousand questions.

Why is there no balance between my ability to lose myself in detail that only belongs in my mind and my inability to concentrate on details that other people consider so easy to take in?

My friends insist I will end up a Mazen. Scary thought.


The boys


[Self] Restraint; Control; Constraint; Suppression


  1. I wish I could listen to those tales, and drench myself with the heat of the lights from the lace windows…

    you’re a creative power Roba…!

    now see this holy piece of work

    notice the hands, the collage…maybe done in his late days, 1984, but it’s lovely! Don’t you think?

  2. Thanks for the explanatory link. My first thought was that “Mazen” was Arabic for “Crazy cat lady”.

  3. Roba (with an O) check out the nice little Fawanees (not real name) place a 100 meters before Books @ Cafe, it’s very nice and quiet as well, the view from the first floor is breathtaking…

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