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The boys

Endless source of mindless entertainment.

H: Spit out nos il leira.

A: Shu, bedak nos leira minni?

H: Yes, I let you use my phone yesterday. I want my credit back. Ib3atli nos leira 3al Fastlink.

A: Ya zalameh I’m broke. I don’t have any credit, min wein ab3atlak nos leira?

H: Daberhom.

A: I’ll send them to you tomorrow.

H: Tomorrow? Ok fine, but delay one more day and you’ll have to pay interest.

A: How much is the interest on the nos leira?

H: You’ll send me a leira instead.

A: Ok, deal.

After an oh-my-god-you-guys-are-such-ka7ateet look from their eldest sister, they convincingly explain, “Mahoweh each leira credit is worth like khames leirat in cash!”


Rejoice, oh, World!




  1. well you know what to get each of them for his birthday for one fifth the cost!!

  2. Salam, hahahaha, fantastic idea!

  3. Gus

    It’s soo true.. credit is the worst waste of money .. and it finishes soo goddamn quickly

  4. well said wallah mazboot

  5. Roba,i suggest u bring them umniahs :p with a jd i talk 4 over 45 mins.. & theres no transfer for less than a jd:) hehe.. 3ajbatnee hai u should pay interest!

  6. anon

    how vulgar

  7. i recahrege my mobile 5 JD a month. bekafi !
    if not, i’ll put another 1 JD… :) its amazing not to speak on phone a lot, eli bedo yak be7ki ma3ak :D

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