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The protest that took place in Germany on August 7

Pictures from The protest that took place in Berlin, Germany, on August 7

+ The Beirut Spring


George Galloway is awesome


Rejoice, oh, World!


  1. WOW

    That is powerful!

  2. Chris

    Good way of protesting, although I don’t think those demonstrations will persuade Hezbollah to disarm.

    But it’s at least better than or (both from 2002 demos in Berlin)

  3. amazing idea

  4. a visitor

    weren’t those pictures in the forwarded email everyone in Jordan is getting?

  5. Gus

    wow.. thats a really strong way to protest.. anyway how long did they stay like that?

  6. Dar

    7ata bel protesting ma e7na fal7eeen !!!


  7. Chris, those are shocking photos — Pure stupid people! Why would you do that to your little daughter? Silly, Silly people.

    hahaha – I totally agree,
    bass walla 7atta hoan in England mush 3arfeen how to protest properly…

  8. a visitor

    maybe we need some nude protestors to attract more attention.

    any volunteers?

  9. a visitor

    …female “nude protestors” of course, i dont want to see hairy arms. yuck

  10. basheer

    It’s better fighting there with hesbollah..
    There is no need of demonstration, go there and fight the zionist..

    It’s better die as a shaheed..

  11. Chris

    Perhaps it’s the “They hate others more than they love their own children”-thing?
    The father was sentenced to 5 month on probation and 300 hours community service. He was born in Beirut, btw, but claims to be a Palestinian.

    On a side note: I’m form Germany, and after WWII we lost substantial german regions in the east, wich resulted in expulsion of about 14 millions, acc. to wikipedia, from now polisch or chzech territories, e.g. from Prussia or Silesia. But we integrated these refugees into our society. Maybe that was the most challenging part of the post-war time, but we succeeded. That improved the relationship to our neighbours a lot. Why seems something like that impossible in the ME?

  12. Mohannad

    Many injured and displaced people need our help. Lebanon needs us!
    Please support us with money, goods, your time and expertise.
    To obtain information
    The official website for relief in Lebanon

  13. amazing!! but so sad.. its touching

  14. Khalidah, it is, ins’t it?

    Chris, what about stopping Israel from mass murdering an innocent population? Understand, I dislike Hezbollah and any other organization such as theirs, but this isn’t about Hezbollah anymore. this is about Lebanon.

    Sabri, glad you like it.

    A visitor, I don’t know. I don’t open forwards. I got these off a blog.

    Gus,no clue.

    Dar, haha, good point.

    Omar, it’s sad how kids are the victims of such mentalities.

    Chris, because the Arabs believe that if they cure the Palestinian refugee problem the Palestinian case will cease to exist.
    I don’t think I’m for such a mentality, because I have a lot of friends who are stuck without passports or country, they can’t travel, get proper education, or get proper jobs. It’s a vicious cycle of ignorance.

    Wedad, yeah…

  15. Chris

    In every war, innocent people will die. If you want to prevent innocent people from dying, you should not start wars. But how innocent can people be who claim: “We are all hezbollah” and who send their children to hate demonstrations? I (well, my grandparents) have seen it all before, just look at old pictures from nazi Germany. It’s history repeating. For me it’s fascism, and it’s worth fighting against fascism.

    I don’t buy the lebanese figures and I just don’t buy that almost every victim on lebanese side is innocent. I don’t buy the optimistic figures of Israel about dead hezbollah fighters either. The truth may be somewhere in the middle.

    It isn’t surprising that more lebanese civilians are dying, because that is hezbollah tactics. Whatever the outcome will be, hezbollah will win something. They’ve almost already won the war of pictures in western media, and that has some influence on diplomacy. So you can blame Israel for wrong military actions that will happen in every war, but without saying what they should do instead against hezbollah, your point is moralistic, but not realistic.
    Instead, one should blame the Lebanon for letting hezbollah acting from their territories and to an even greater extent Syria and Iran for literally feeding and arming hezbollah.
    I don’t live in your region, so maybe my points are total bs, but on the other hand, for getting the whole picture it may be good to look at things from a distance.

    I agree with you on your evaluation of the refugee problem.

  16. basheer


    To get the real picture, you can learn about history how the Zionist get their lands.

    If someone steals my land, ofcourse I’ll fight to get it back..
    As simple as that..
    Only fools that stay sit do nothing..
    I don’t see any difference between fasicm and zionism..
    They both try to steal someone else land..

    The only Zionist can do is bomb innocent woman and childres..
    Look at what happen when fighting ground war..
    Like today, at least 15 Zionist soldiers are dead..I’m sure more than that, but the zionist covered it up to look good…
    And immediately saying 50 hesbollah are dead without giving proof..
    They want to show that the ratio can’t be 1:1, but must be exagerrated to project strong and tough guys..

  17. Chris

    I see that you don’t want any state of Israel in that region. That’s at least straightforward, and gives perfect answer to the question why hezbollah kept attacking, although Israel withdrew completely from Lebanon in 2000, as approved by usually anti-Israel-biased UN.
    But let me be straightforward, too, then. It’s people like you who are standing against real peace since decades. You want peace, yeah, but peace without Israel. You want the peace of a cemetery, not a real peace.
    So don’t dare to complain about your innocent dead women and children! It’s your own foolishness and your own hate that is responsible for the innocent dead. It’s people like you who fail to accept the consequences of lost wars, of lost wars you and your ancestors started. What is that? Arab pride? Machismo? Or lack of intelligence? I doubt the last one…

    I wonder if Germany should send katushas to Danzig, Oppeln, Karlsbad, K√∂nigsberg (Kaliningrad)… Because that was our land for centuries. But honestly, I rather live in peace.

  18. WOW how better to do this than the way they did it? just amazingly WOW

  19. This is just


    The first seconds it made me speechless

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