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Bang Bang

My mother will happily tell you that I was probably the most cautious baby she has ever seen. While my fellow toddler friends climbed onto tables and chairs and experienced many bumped heads due to recurrent tumbling, I would absolutely refuse to do anything that may prove to be even slightly dangerous. The cautious trait never subdued, and up till this day, the fact that I have never broken a single bone in my body or stitched a single inch of skin stands as a golden example on my cautiousness.

Actually, the first time I ever had to x-ray a body part for injury-related reasons was last week, which is proving to be so hazardous that I should probably lock myself up in my room in order to avoid further klutziness in an apparently excessively absent-minded month.

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 515

Last week, I banged my the little space in my right elbow smack on the edge of the door. After incessant whining from a certain friend, I decided to go get it checked. Luckily, it wasn’t broken or anything, and sufficient amounts of painkillers and Voltarene did the job until time did its magic.


I usually lock my car from the inside before stepping out, so that when I close the door, I don’t have to lock it from the outside. Yesterday, I stepped out and closed the now-locked door like usual, only to realize that I had forgotten my finger in the car.
Darn. I actually locked the car door on my finger.

Looking back, I have no idea how that happened, and I have no idea how I bent down to my bag now on the floor, unzipped it with my left hand with my other hand partially inside the car, and unlocked the car to gasp at a horrendously squished finger.

[Insert brothers’ impressions of the incident]

Half a day later, my mother cajoled me into visiting the hospital, and thankfully, it isn’t broken. Instead, it’s swelled up so big that it literally looks like it should be a part of my brother’s giant hand rather than my own thin and long one.


Look at the skin around the x-ray, in usual condition, my index finger is the slimmest one, and its much more tapered than the middle finger next to it. It has been completely and uncomfortably numb for the past 24 hours.

The bright side? Thank God I only use my left hand to type.

*Click away happily on the keyboard with my uninjured left hand*

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 518




Rejoice, oh, World!


  1. Mysterious Blue Liquid


  2. Awww.. I got to meet Mr. forgotten finger today, well… next time count the fingers and call out their names to see if any is absent hihi!

  3. hehehhe

    I wonder who is Mysterious Blue Liquid,
    has posted the OK Go video post and now
    posting back to you. I’m getting super
    confused O_O

    Salamtek Roba — You reminded me of Tom and Jerry when they used to slam their hands with heavy things and get big and swollen up. This is a brightside! :D You’re like tom&Jerry now! hehe.

    How come you can only type with one hand?
    damn that would take me ages!!

  4. Dar

    :)Hehe salamtek wallah


  5. Ahh sa7 Roba.. we forgot to say

    CheeerZ! (Dar ta7sheesh really trademark)

  6. Salamat!! I hope it doesnt hurt much anymore!! Sometimes no matter how cautios you are, you would still fall in traps of small stupid things that would hurt much!

  7. Ouch!


  8. Ziad D.

    Question: Will you be able to take your final exams without assitance? I hope this won’t cause an issue with your school work. Good luck and I hope you mend quickly Roba! :)


  9. Salamtek habibty … Ouch!! :S

  10. Ya Haram!
    I hope you’re feeling better soon. I can sympathize– I’ve slammed a finger in a car door before– fortunately it wasn’t locked!

  11. OMG I totally thought i heard you wrong when you were telling amino about it today…ouch!

    salamtik (thats right, right? lol im not sure if i said it right…)


  12. Mohannad

    It always happened to me.
    Take care of yourself and RELAX.

  13. Ouch.. u better watch out next time

  14. That awful baby shot me down!!

  15. *lol* Roba,

    Salamat, in sha Allah 3adawwenik.

    And by the way, my daughter is exactly that way, she refuses to do anything remotely dangerous, even when going down the slide at fast food play areas, she has to call out to ask if any body climbed up the slide part before she comes down “BABA FI 7ADA TILI3?”. *lol*.

    I hope she does not turn out to be like you now (and I mean that in the best way possible) :)

  16. Ahhhh … Thats why :)
    i wanted to ask you yesterday, but i forgot :)

    yallah sallmat … te3yeshey ow toukley ‘3eraha

  17. Hahaha, Salamaat!

  18. Ewww, this must hurt! Salamat.

    I had the same kind of accident when I was a kid. I can’t remember if I was the one who actually closed the car door on my fingers or my mother who did that by accident, but I remember that I couldn’t sleep the night because of pain and fever.

    A couple of days later and as I thought it was healing, I was playing with another guy and he pulled me from my fingers where he did actually pulled my finger nails! Ewww. Be careful not to do so.

  19. Sami

    Salamaat Rubix

  20. Mysterious Blue Liquid, thanks.

    Amino, haha, yeah. 7aram my finger.

    Omar, 2of, good noticing abilities :P And Tom and Jerry eh? I donno how I type with one hand.. I’ve always typed with one hand.

    Dar, thanks!

    Reem, it does hurt :( bas yalla, it’ll be ok :)

    Nasim, Allah ysalmak.

    Ziad, lol, good practical question. Luckily, my first test is computer-based and as you can see I’m alright with a PC. I just hope I’m ok by the 20th whe I have a writing test!

    Khalidah, Allah ysalmek.

    Rebecca, lol, yeah. It’s aweful.

    Dragonsvamp, thanks :)

    Monannad, lol, always? Allah y3eenak!

    Moey, yeah…

    Salam.. hehe, yup. Good song eh?

    Sari, yee, shu gasdak? :P

    Ibrahim, haha yeah. My friends are still making fun of me on the contrast wit the dress and my big white fat finger.

    Pheras, thanks.

    The Observer, it does, but oh, my god, that’s so scary. I hope it doesn’t happen to me!

    Sami, thanks man.

  21. Salamtek Roba:)

  22. Hey Roba. I did that last year. It was the most painful thing I ever experienced, and I’m not risk averse and have had many many trips to the emergency room for all sorts of things.

    It hurt for a month, and my thumbnail was blue for like 7 months.

    I advise you to not do it again. Really, you can hurt yourself in many other more creative ways.

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