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Can you tell which one is the size 40?

bay 10499


“Pictures I took of”… boredom





    i think there’s a trick.
    the leg with the cool adidas shoes was lifted a bit so it would make it look bigger, because you can actually see it overlaying the one on the right. maybe they’re both 40, maybe you’re 40 and the adidas is 57! hehehe


  2. Mohannad

    it looks like japenses girl in this slipper….

  3. yours is 40 I guess because the other one looks what 48?

  4. Hi Roba, I think both , Nobody will think of getting red shoes except for you.

    Best luck in your summer courses :)

  5. Luai

    My mind naturally works in US shoe sizes so I was like $#!T those are some big feet! Shoot me, I am still recovering from a wild Thursday night.

  6. anon

    Roba, dude, you have seriously ugly feet.

  7. eh! sho feeee ?!!! yeh! bidi arja3 anam yalla salam o_O

  8. hahahaha that’s the one u were talking about.. this is more like 50 :P

  9. Roba, You have freakishly large feet! Even worse, you have two left feet! I bet you can’t dance either

    You’d be considered the Antichrist in Japan!
    40 is too large for a girl (and tiny for a guy)
    I think my feet were a size 40 when I was like 10 years old or something!!
    I’m a comfy size 45-46 now … ::wink:: ::wink::

  10. Omar, lah wallah! No visual tricks! That’s my brothers foot and his shoe size is 50.

    Mohannad, haha, it does right? Cause it’s a chinese slipper ;)

    Salam, yeah, mine is 40, and Hishams is 50.

    Fadi, hehe, actually, red runs in the family. It was even my grandfathers favorite color (he always wore a red rose in his jacket).

    Anon, haha, thanks a lot man. I actually have really cute feet, but whatever, beauty is a relative thing.

    Baka, haha, yalla roo7 nam :P

    Moey, yup :)

    Qweider, I can’t dance, but I’m really good with dabkeh, so that refutes your argument ;) 40 is perfect, otherwise, with my height, I’d topple over or just look extremely unproportionate to my feet!

  11. You call that stumping… dabkeh? hmmmm
    you know what? Best thing about you is that your house will NEVER dare to have roaches! They can run … but they can never hide! Big-Foot is gonna stomp them throw the floor!

    Your gas paddle must be suffering as well!! No wonder you’re paying too much for gas!

  12. very intriguing! :)

  13. anon2

    the only thing that i knw that the cute feet is yours roba .i’m sure they are nt ugly r they ?

  14. oh my God that’s the biggest foot i ever saw(mashallah)

    i wonder how my 36 foot will look next to his!!!

  15. I prefer the sandals you were wearing at the J-bloggers’ meetup :p

  16. i’m 45-46
    hopefully I don’t get to 50! YAMMA
    freakyyy! hehehe


  17. a visitor

    so you have a pair, your brother has a pair (or whoever is in the photo), or that you share the same pair but use tissues to stuff the shoes.

    does your dad get those shoes bil jomleh?

  18. b

    tab show us a picture of ur feet if they’re cute :P

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