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  1. Mohannad

    أن ما تقوم به إسرائيل ماهو إلا “عمل عصابات وقرصنة منظمة” تستهدف السلام وتنتهك الحدود وحريات.

    استهدف اليهود الأطفال والآمنين في وضح النهار دون رقيب ودون وازع من إنسانية

  2. I can never describe the amount of tears that I shed while watching this. can never forget nor forgive these atrocities
    How could the world be so blind and so ruthless when the cries of the innocent fall on deaf ears
    Where’s the humanity? where is democracy? Where is justice?
    Crucify Mel Gibson, for saying few words, and let the murderers go on … killing …
    My god … such a despicable world we live in

  3. it hurts me to see young children cry with no weeping, this is how deep their pain is. the video is very touching…

    ya rabbi ya Allah
    the person goes back to the one inevitable question
    “What are we doing?”

  4. Jason Bourne


    There is much resentment here in the US amongst the educated, politically-aware towards the US-silence.

    However, post 9/11, much of the country has “gone back” and the US has been swept by a wave of conservatism. How else would a country relect a loser like Bush?

    Also, the other think I noticed in a developed country is that, the average middle class is not as “intellectual” as in a developing country. The abundant wealth and resources allows them to be “retarted” yet make a living. I call this the “dumbing down” of america. Its true.

    Anyways, I think words are useless. Can you point me to a charity that I can give to, to help the people of Lebanon? NOT HIZBOLLAH.

  5. Awesome video, Roba. Thank-You. I have linked to you from my blog, hoping everyone who stops by will take a moment to watch it. I have another link-heavy post slanted toward warblogging…

  6. Lisa

    Thank you for taking the time to make this video. I am disgusted and ashamed that my country has supported this war! I feel helpless…

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