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Lego Set Lets You Build 1984 Mac TV Commercial

Ok, it’s official, I have an obsession with stuff related to the 1984 Mac commerical.

lego 1984

Lego have for sale 100 LIMITED-EDITION SETS that let you build the famous “Big Brother” Macintosh TV ad that aired during the Superbowl in 1984.

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  1. yeah, LEGO ads are creative.. I like their work

  2. i do agree that legos are really cool but i haven’t played with them for AGES. i must say at least four years now…


    Kloude, Four Years is “Ages” now?! :D
    I lost all my lego at age 11, which is
    8 years ago! I kinda miss them

    And Roba,
    yes you are obsessed with this commercial!
    is it Ridley Scott’s? wella meen?


  4. Damn this speedy flying life, lego used to occupy most of my time,i love lego…that much that i keep everything till 2day,wanting to inherit it 2 my children in the future:]

  5. Moey, yeah, and they also encourage creative thinking in kids.

    Kloude, I’m siding with Omar here, I don’t remember the last time I played with Legos either! Way over 10 years ago… But I lost stuff quickly so that figures.

    Omar, it is Ridely Scott, but I love it because of the 1984 part. I guess I just really enjoy that theme…

    Nasimjo, haha, that’s cool. I can’t imagine keeping stuff for so long, you must be neat.

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