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“How inane and morally, emotionally, and politically bankrupt can you be. Do you really think you can bomb your way out of this? You dare talk of democracy and freedom when our lives are your dregs, our children your targets, and the whole world your shooting range? How dare you, you little sorry episodes of conceited spiteful despicable existence. Go on, keep churning the ground and sowing the seeds of hatred and anger. For soon the crops will grow, and it will be time to harvest. And the harvest will be plentiful, and I hope I will live long enough to see the day.”

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Day 20


South Beirut


  1. Jason Bourne


    All over the world, its Muslims causing problems

    And they ask why everybody from the Danish people to the Indians dislike them.

  2. Husams

    Jason, if you faced a problem that is still growing, It would be irrational for you to blame the problem as blaming the problem wont solve it! you should blame your strategy of solving the problem. The problem still exist means just a failure of your strategy, whatever the problem.

    Do you think for example this is the best strategy to decrease the percentage of the problem you are facing with Muslims?

  3. Jason Bourne


    This is not kindergarden. Your naive perspective to solve problems between nation states is inadequate.


  4. Jason Bourne

    Jews around the world are best at what they do.

    Look at this website:,65678,54_65679&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL

  5. Jason Bourne

    Assistant Village Idiot said…

    I work with the mentally ill and the criminal to earn my daily bread. I have learned something about their moral reasoning. Anyone who makes the claim that another is 100% to blame and himself 0% is always wrong in the deepest way. There is always some unpleasant truth he is denying.

    ksm gave the opposing side, firmly, but without insult. No one responded as if they had heard a thing.

    If this is so, then you will never be free. If Israel is gone, it will be some other tribal conflict that you blame on others, teaching it to your children and keeping them bound as well. When you can begin to take 1% responsibility, you will begin to be free. Where will the final percentage of blame lie? Who knows? History will judge. But until you admit to 1%, you will be slaves.

  6. Jason Bourne

    Some people have argued over the last two weeks that Hezbollah’s reputation for hiding among civilians is either false or overblown. However, Australia’s Herald-Sun newspaper published photographs that show Hezbollah firing positions within residential areas of Lebanon, confirming the terrorists’ use of civilians as human shields (via AJ Strata):

    THIS is the picture that damns Hezbollah. It is one of several, smuggled from behind Lebanon’s battle lines, showing that Hezbollah is waging war amid suburbia.,,19955774-5007220,00.html

    The images, obtained exclusively by the Sunday Herald Sun, show Hezbollah using high-density residential areas as launch pads for rockets and heavy-calibre weapons.

    Dressed in civilian clothing so they can quickly disappear, the militants carrying automatic assault rifles and ride in on trucks mounted with cannon.

    The photographs, from the Christian area of Wadi Chahrour in the east of Beirut, were taken by a visiting journalist and smuggled out by a friend.

    The Herald-Sun site clearly shows anti-aircraft guns in a suburban residential neighborhood. The crew comprises two middle-aged men and at least two who look no older than teenagers. In the background, viewers can clearly see well-maintained apartment buildings.

    According to the text, the paper has another picture of a Katyusha rocket lying in a devastated residential area, hit by Israeli bombers. The Australian who took the pictures said that the neighborhood had not been targeted by the Israelis until Hezbollah set up the rocket launchers there — and then the IDF returned fire and destroyed the residential buildings around the launcher.

    When people complain about the civilian death toll in Lebanon, we need to remember why it has been as high as it has been. Lebanon and the UN allowed Hezbollah to use civilians as human shields for their rocket launchers and anti-aircraft batteries. The Israelis have little choice but to target Hezbollah’s offensive assets, and that makes the collateral civilian damage the responsibility of the terrorists and their enablers.

  7. Husams

    Well, well, Jason, first of all I was talking about an abstract principle, that is applied to any problem regardless of its size, and its not a theory, its just a fact that you or anyone cant deny, would you teach your son to blame the exam for being hard or to question his approach of solving it?

    “Anyone who makes the claim that another is 100% to blame and himself 0% is always wrong in the deepest way.”

    In my believes, I respect who takes responsibilities of his actions rather than blaming the other. Everything is solvable, if you are smart enough to solve it.
    You showed me witnesses of Israel civilization, as if you think I’m not aware of them or I’m opposing such a way of living? ok unlike what the narrow vision of Bush says “they hate us because we have freedom”!!! Well just to set things clear here, thinking abstract, I do prefer the democracy, social services, Education, Industry, way of living… of Israel more than in any other Arabic country, so really the problem don’t lay here, but the problem lay in what you did choose to ignore, occupation, occupation is a fact and trying to neglect it don’t make it less of a fact. Using weapons to solve such an issue! Well weapons kill people but not an ideology, ideologies are changed by influence.

    Jason, tell me what excuse would give for my family for being forced to leave their homeland by Israelis to live in it instead? Find a solution to this question, and you will get a solution to the problem.

  8. Jason Bourne


    My heart goes out to your family. I am AGAINST Israel forcing people out of their homes. Bombing innocent people is WRONG.

    But, how do you explain the many countries that are geographically distant from Israel/Middle east but are still faced with problems by Islamic militants.

    India for example, has always been invaded. It is one of the few countries that did not invade other countries.

    What did the Persians do? Mohammad Ghori and Mohammad Ghazni invaded india 20 times each. They plundered our country and raped our women. They took wealth, destroyed temples. Babar (a persian king) invaded india, and brought Islam to india. They have always been barbaric, and they still are.

    Such a large group of people, with soo much oil money, and soo very homogenous in their ethnicity, cant even elect a democracy.

    The problem is NOT Israel occupying Palestine.

    The problem is that Islamic/Persian/Arabic society is primitive at best. They are stuck in the medival times.

  9. Jason Bourne


    I grew up in Bangalore, a peaceful city in southern India. Bangalore was called the pensioners paradise. Low in crime, mostly middle class people trying to make a living.

    These terrorists travelled 800 miles to attack scientists at a conference

    You tell me, why do you, in your right mind, think that I am not enraged by this?

    Keep in mind, that India is growing economic, military and political power with a 3.56 trillion dollar GDP.

    And many, many indians are getting weary of Islamic Jihad.

  10. Jason Bourne


    Most of the media around the world gives attention to the middle eastern crisis.

    India did NOT maintain a diplomatic relationship with Israel until 1993, because India opposed the occupating of Palestine.

    Was there any coverage or condemnation of the Mumbai blasts in the middle eastern media? 200 people died in the train blasts that were perpetrated by Islamic militants.

    Your myopic, short-sighted purview of the world, has led to the downfall of your society.

    In many ways, I can draw a parallel between the middle eastern countries and the Roman civilization. They had a great past, but they are outdated and not competitive in their current form.

    Just look at the GDPs of the middle eastern countries. Nothing comes out of them, besides oil and Islamic fundamentalism.

  11. Bleh. It’s not about looking at anyone’s perspective, it’s about taking facts and analyzing them. Your comments are STILL full of stereotypical racism, even after a bunch of us Arabs have tried to logically have discussions and debates with you.

    You are accusing us of being too “religious”, when you are talking to a group of people who are not. But from an agnostic nonreligious point of view, living by religion is a 100 thousand times better than living by stereotypes formed.

    Personally, I do not aim to convince you or anyone of anything, think what you will, as long as its based on facts rather than feelings.

    Here are some Indian-related incidents that have nothing to do with Islam.

    There are bad seeds everywhere.
    Be objective.

  12. Jason Bourne


    what bleh?

    So you know how to use google.

    Your half-ass response to my posts are not very interesting.

    You dont answer questions regarding the economics of the middle east.

    For every one of your googled, links I can quote an equal number (if not more) evidences of Islamic terrorist dating back to Gengis Khan.

    So, please, save yourself the embarassment.

  13. Why r u still talking to this guy?

  14. Jason, grow up. I wasn’t attacking you, we’re having an discussion, and any civilized human knows that saying stuff like “Your half-ass response to my posts are not very interesting” does not contribute to a healthy discussion of sharing ideas.
    I ignored the economy part because it doesn’t concern me- if you know anything about the Middle East you will know that Jordan is not an oil-rich country, infact, we don’t have much resources.
    I have nothing to do with the oil-rich countries, or with what they do with their money.

    Sari, wallahi I have no idea.

  15. Jumana

    u r right Sari.

    Roba,he doesn’t deserve your last comment.This is a wasting of time.

  16. Jason Bourne


    I KNOW that Jordan does not have any oil. I also know the difference between the Laventine countries and the rest of the Arab countries.

    I am sorry, I pissed everybody off.

    Perhaps, I was a tad irrational in my response. Please do forgive me.

    While I regret alienating moderate Arabs, I would like you to know that some of my irrational views are rooted in the fact that I too am a victim of terror.

    I will refrain from posting comments on your blog.

    Sometimes, its best to agree to disagree.

  17. With Roba’s permission, I would liketo say something here…….
    Jason, Are you just trying to sound as loud as you can just for the sake of argument while neglecting the facts?
    There is no justification for innocent killing. Be it in Bangalore or anywhere else in the world. You have to understand that many of the wars have been fought on political grounds.
    I don’t see you squeal about the British colonizing India for 4 centuries, killing, raping, wiping out villages, languages and ways of life. And Muslims (your neighbors and fellow citizens) Are suddenly that bad.
    How many people have invaded India? Mongols, Muslims, British, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese. Yet only Muslims get the angry eye.

    This is not about India, Which (thank god) has spoken louder than you can ever do. They support the Resistance in Southern Lebanon. And not your view

    Hizbullah is the people, it’s everyone. No one can justify the innocent killing of thousands for two soldiers. Yes Human life is priceless. Twice is even more priceless, but Thousands is a thousand more worthy than two crappy “soldiers” not civilians.

    This didn’t start today
    This didn’t happen all of a sudden
    Israel has been the aggressor in the middle east for decades. Who are YOU to say people don’t have the right to defend their own or their land? Why are you looking at this as an isolated incident?

    Finally, there are no Katyushas in Northern Lebanon, yet civilians have been bombed. Can you explain that!? No don’t answer… that wasn’t really a question

  18. basheer

    jason is nothing but a jew in disguise..

  19. Jason Bourne


    I have always said that killing of innocent civilians is UNACCEPTABLE. I saw pictures of a young child that was killed by a bomb, and it ripped my heart apart. I think we are in violent agreement on this. I am not a US citizen, but I sent an email to 2 senators (Barak Obama, John McCain) to stop this nonsense.

    You CANNOT compare the british rule to the Persian invasions of Iraq. Aurangzeb (the last Mughal emperor was popularly called “The plunderer”). If your history teacher did his/her job right, you will know that most of the Islamic rulers of india (called the Mughals) were barbaric. They forced many hindus to convert to Islam, and now we have a divided nation. They killed many many more than the British did. Ofcourse, they ruled india for about 500 years, and the British ruled india for 300.

    Also, have you seen how the Indian and Pakistani workers are treated in the middle east? The cheap labor is an abused class of people. Here in america, even though the mexicans are illegal immigrants, we pay for their healthcare, we admit them to our schools, and we embrace them with open arms. I even heard a COUNTRY song about a mexican woman.

    India has a Muslim President (and highly respected BTW. HE is known to be the father of the space program), a Sikh Prime Minister, and an Italian-indian heading the biggest political party. Lets see one your Arab states elect such secular government? Would you EVER elect a person from relegious minority ? I dont think so.

    I think the homogenous ethnicity is working against the people of the middle east. Everybody is the same relegion and the same race. As a result, you have a set of people that are parochial and xenophobic. You NEED diversity in a society to balance out the views of the population.

    And lastly, I disagree with you on the “crappy soldier” part. You take a 19 year old boy that was drafted into the military, behead him, and videotape the event. Now that is crappy, no, its SICK. I dont think the Hizbollah had any business to attepmt this stunt. They are a terrorist organization. Period.

    Now, regarding the US and its views on the middle east, I have nothing but shame. The US has caused soo much harm in the middle east, I think they basically got greedy and screwed up. Having said that, I also consider myself American. Events like 9/11 did erase rationale, and I was filled with hatred, like everybody else. If they had not put “their Shah” in Iran, I dont think there would’ve been a revolution, and they might not have had a Ayatollah Khomeni. They would’ve been like Malaysia or Indonesia.

    Regarding Basheer’s comment, no, I am not a Jew. I work with many of them, and yes, I am in AWE of them. Here in america, they are incredibly intelligent, driven, focussed, and successful. After I met a few engineers from Israel, I invented the term: YAJOA: Yet Another Jewish Over Achiever. Albert Einstein comes to mind. Have you read about Einstein’s political views? You should.

  20. L. Haddad

    Jason, which Jewish media-watch group do you belong to? If you don’t belong to one, you should join one, they could use you.

    You are nothing but a victim of Israeli propaganda. It’s as simple as that.
    I feel sorrow for you, because it’s people like you who have all the blood on their hands for supporting such an atrocity.

    Who likes to see innocents die?
    You don’t and neither do I, but to put them in the catagory of calatoral damage, is absolutly unacceptable. It isn’t worth it, it never is.

    To paraphase someone form the UN, “One must question a war, when more civilians than soldiers die.”

    I’m a Christian Arab, moderate telling you this. Islam isn’t the problem, just as Christianity or any other religon is. Fanaticism is the problem.

    The US and Israel are “sowing the seeds”, and I guess they thought they planted corn. It sucks for them when they see that they have really planted tomatoes!

  21. Mohannad

    This articale in Elaph was talking about Mr. Doriad Laham, views…

    دريد لحّام:

    2006 الجمعة 4 أغسطس

    اليوم يقف عالياً، ليعلن موقفه السلبي من الحكّام العرب، بعد التّخاذل الذي أظهروه تجاه لبنان ومأساته ومجازر العدو التي ارتكبت على أرضه، والتي هزّت مشاعر نائبة إسرائيليّة، ولم تهزّ مشاعرهم على حد قوله.
    في برنامج “علّي صوتك” الذي تبثّه قناة “نيو تي في”، كان الفنّان دريد لحّام حاضراً من خلف الشّاشة، قال للمذيعة “لو بكّرت في دعوتي إلى البرنامج، لكنت حضرت إلى لبنان ولو سيراً على الأقدام”، فهو اللبناني لجهة الأم، نشأ على حب لبنان وقرية أمّه مشغرة، التي تعرّضت لقصف إسرائيلي وحشي، وليس استعراضاً أن يعلن عن عزمه المجيء إلى بيروت في هذه الظّروف، بعد أن زارها في ظروف أقسى، يقول ” لا روحنا ولا أجسادنا أغلى من ذرّة غبار واحدة على حذاء مقاوم”.
    عن شعوره تجاه العدوان الإسرائلي على لبنان قال “ينتابني شعور متناقض، الأول هو الحزن والألم والوجع، خاصّة عندما أشاهد المدنيين الذين يذبحون وعلى وجه الخصوص أطفال قانا وكأن العالم أصبح اعمى لا يرى، هؤلاء الأطفال صرخوا ألف وا معتصماه، ولم يجدوا من يغيثهم في العالم، في زمن أصبحت فيه البطولة مغامرة، والتّخاذل حكمة ورويّة”، ولم يستثن لحّام من سيل غضبه الزّعماء العرب، فاعتبر أنّهم أصبحوا مجرّد حكام قابعين في كراسيهم ولم يعودوا زعماء.
    وعن الأمم المتّحدة قال ” إنّها كذبة كبرى اخترعوها بعد الحرب العالميّة الثّانية الخمسة الكبار، هم كانوا خمسة كبار، اليوم لم يعد سوى دولة واحدة كبيرة، هي أميركا الشيطان الإرهابي، ودولتان نصف إرهابيتان هما فرنسا وإنكلترا، ودولتان على باب الله هما روسيا والصين، أمّا الدول الدّائمة العضوية في مجلس الأمن، فهي لا تعدو كونها كورس صوتها أخف من صوت كورس الفنّانة سميرة توفيق”.

    وعاد دريد لحّام إلى العام 1979 عندما عرض مسرحيّة “كاسك يا وطن”، حيث قدّم في المشهد الأخير حوار جريء غوار ووالده، قال فيه للوالد الشّهيد أن إسرئيل أصبحت قطراً شقيقاً، وجاء حينها من يهاجمه ويتّهمه بالإفراط في التّشاؤم، يقول ” بكل أسف أصبحت بعض الدول العربية من تحت الطاولة أو من فوق الطاولة أشقّاء لإسرئيل”.
    وبكل أسى يقول ” أستغرب أنّ هذه الأمّة التي لديها إمكانات اقتصاديّة، يقف أحد حكّامه ويقول نطالب بالضغط على إسرائيل، هل فقدت هذه الأمة ووزنها ال 300 مليون عربي قدرتها على الضّغط؟ ويقول أحد الحكّام أخشى أن تزيد هذه الحرب من كره العرب لإسرائيل، هو خائف على موقع إسرائيل في قلوبنا. للأسف قرأت منذ أقل من أسبوع في صحيفة الشرق الأوسط خبراً عن نائبة إسرائيليّة، هاجمت أميركا قائلة أنّ على إسرائيل أن تعمل فقط وفقاً لمصالحها الوطنيّة، وأنّه لم يعد مسموحاً للإسرائيليين أن يكونوا ذخيرة في مدافع بوش. لقد حيّدوا مصر والأردن والآن يوجد سوريا ولبنان وهذه المقاومة الشريفة التي تحاول ردع العدوان، ولم تقصد مدنيا اسرئيلياً حتّى اليوم، يا ليت العرب يرون ما هو مخبىء لهم، فالمقصود هو تفريغ المنطقة من أيّة قوة رادعة كي تنفذ إسرائيل مسألة من النيل الى الفرات”.

  22. Jason! You didn’t get it… the emphasis is not on CRAPPY! it’s on SOLDIER! taken FROM INSIDE HIS TANK! on the OCCUPIED SHEBA FARMS

    Lovely, India is the best country in the world. I have no doubt, I was in IIT Bombay dude, I know where and what I’m talking about!

    And while I totally disagree with the way Asian workforce is treated in some areas. THIS IS NOT THE FREAKIN POINT!

    A soldier is free game in a war situation. No one can say, Germany killed 6 million soldiers! No one cares! But when you say they killed 1 CIVILIAN! people pay attention! because the minute you start killing civilians you are committing terrorism regardless of WHO you are!

    Israel has kidnapped many people from Lebanon.. I didn’t see wars waged against them like that

    Human rights watch, Amnesty International and many other humanitarian and non profit organization has had more balls than the Arab leaders and have condemned Israel

    One last thing, If Muslims have forced Indians into Islam, why didn’t they convert back when Muslims got out!? A thing for you to think about.
    The Fact the India has the second largest Muslim population in the world with over 200Million Muslims tells you something I think.

    For the most part, many areas of India had nothing 1400 years ago, (some areas still don’t) Instead of worshipping vagina’s, rats, monkeys, elephants, crows and cows. The Muslims/Christians/jews showed many indians that no it’s not OK to drink “dood” that a “rat” has taken a “dump” in!
    (oh to the list of people who invaded India or parts of India, may I add: Bengali, China, Maldives, Silan, Tamil) Probably the only people who didn’t invade India are tibetan! SO stop saying Muslims this and Muslims that!

  23. Christopher Eichman

  24. Christopher Eichman


    Compare this to JU.

    The Arabs are a generation behind the rest of the world. The oil is going to run out, soon.

  25. Christopher Eichman

    I agree with you. You should convert to Judaism.

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