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Without her knowing…

This is Gus.. we’re secretly posting from her blog without her knowing, she left the post thingy open and we found this as a great opportunity to say HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAAAY!!! weeeeeeee :P
For six hours Roba has been “informed” of getting an awesome gift.. since then she has been dying to find out what the present is!

This is hisham:) roba is sooooooooooo hyper:) she cant wait to get that present of hers, i say lets punish her and make her wait more, her birthday isnt over until tomorrow night :D haha..i cant wait to see that robaoic expression as she gets her present :) i loooooooooove you roba and happy birthdayyyyyyyyyyy :)))))))))

This is Omar, yea well Ive been running around after Roba preventing her from finding her gift and putting them in high places so she wont find them, because well normally she doesnt try and find them. We just decided not to give here the presents all at once.. ha go burn up some more :P….. Happy birthday Rooobs and 3uqbaul 100 years

ربى حبيبتي كل سنه وانت سالمه
من 21 سنه انا وبابا بدئنا نعرف ايش احلى شئ بالكون
وجودك خلى الحياه احلى
احلى واحلى واحلى
العمر كله انشاء الله

كل سنة وانت سالمة وعقيال 100 سنة
من عمو ثروت وغنى ولانا وديانا واية ورامي
والى الامام


“Sbeshal” Rose


A post I wrote a few weeks ago…


  1. Mirror

    oh my god this is the sweetest thing anyone can do to anyone at anytime about anything

    wish someone can do this to me…….roba you are lucky

    god..i am gonna go kill myself now

  2. Mirror

    i forgot happy birthday roba …god you are a leo too? oooh that explains everything

    3o2bal 1000 year

  3. Nas

    brothers should get their artsy sister an original warhol.

    it’s an unwritten code…i should know.

    (Happy Birthday Roba)

  4. happy birthday, happy sweet 20 something….ogbal el’meet sanah…

  5. Awwwwwwwwwww!!!

    You guys are awesome, seriously.. how could anyone ever complain about brothers?!

    Happy Birthday Roobs :) You Rock girl!

  6. hahaha. this is awesome, indeed. happy birthday roba.

  7. Mabrook Roba. Happy birthday :)
    I should get u a gift on the meeting.. I think you’ll like it.. :)

  8. How old are you? 18 going on to 17? Happy birthday.

  9. Happy Birthday robaaa :D Aww you’re 21 now? :P

  10. DAMN YOU!

    How come I don’t get cool brothers posting on me blog for a surprisey present?! :D

    You guys are the greatest! :D
    YAAAAY Robaoic reaction is going to be SUBAR!

    H B
    A I
    P R
    P T
    Y H
    Y ROBA!

  11. Happy, happy birthday, Roba!

  12. Ziad D.

    Happy Birthday Roba! Wonderful to have such a loving and ‘sneaky’ family especially during your birthday. Enjoy this special day and keep updating your super blog!!

  13. Hal

    Oh my God I almost fell off my chair laughing, I can just see those crazy brothers of her planning this all along – they probably distracted her as soon as she got into her write-a-post page just so they can do this! You guys crack me up I swear to God. And no wonder they’re hiding the gift in high places. That’s coz they are abnormally tall.

    ROOOBBBEEEEEEE!!!!! I didnt know it was ur birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY YA SHAGFEH! What we gonna do to celebrate? Is there gonna be cake? I’m in.

  14. Happy birthday toooo youuuuuuu
    haaaappy birrrthday happy birrrthday
    happy birrrtthday tooo you

  15. Happy Birthday Roba :)

  16. awwww too cute. points for the brothers :) now i really want to know what the gift is.

    happy birthday roba, my fellow leo! best wishes you deserve it!

  17. Mohannad

    Happy birth day. Wish you joy, sucess and health.

    I am in Bangkok and leaving to Osaka tomarow.

    What should I bring to you.

    Best Regards,


  18. wasim

    Happy Birthday Roba and may God bless you.

  19. Happy birthday Roba!

  20. Kay

    Happy Birthday!

  21. happy birthday Roba
    enjoy :)

  22. moi

    Happy belated birthday Roba :-)

  23. hehe …
    they did it to you ;)

    Happy Birthday

  24. Happy Birthday :)

  25. Jason Bourne

    Your brothers are sweet. Hug them for me.

    Happy Birthday.

    Remember, its just a body :)

  26. b

    ohhh soo cute!

    Happy very belated birthday

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