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A post I wrote a few weeks ago…

For some reason or another, I’m emotionally attached to my Nokia 7250, which I’ve had since the summer of 2003. I just absolutely love it.

Although its geeky features are extremely limited, I absolutely love it’s physical design, I love the fact that it’s dubbed “Il-Mamlakah”, and I love how I can fit it into my wallet.

Alas though, the battery, which has been replaced several times in the past 3 years, is starting to refuse to remain in place, paper slips slipped under its shaky covers or otherwise. The alarm clock occassionally forgets to wake me up. I get the “black” screen-of-death every too often, and every once in a while, all signs of life appear to freeze its little interface only to be shaken back into reality by taking out the battery.

It really absolutely breaks my heart.

Nokia 7250

And naturally, most of the phones on the market today are not my cup of tea. They’re too bulky and too jam-packed with features that are absolutely unneccessary to me. I don’t like this whole deal of turning the phone into every single gadget possible- I mean, why? Ok, don’t tell me why, I know why, but whatever, I like big bags and my big bags fit a lot of stuff so I don’t want a bulky phone.

If they still manufactured Nokia 7250s, I’m totally willing to buy another one. But since they don’t, the only phone on my mind is another cute, ungeeky phone that derived a “Roba, why the hell do you have to be artsy fartsy? That phone sucks, get something with features!”

Oh, well, features or not, how does one expect me to resist the prettiness of this? I even blogged about it a while ago.

And now it’s mine ;)


Without her knowing…


Just a regular bottle of…


  1. Oh that’s the present isn’t it? ;)

    Cute, suits you well :)

  2. Nice phone roba, the design is creative.. I love sony ericsson’s designs more thu..

  3. Mabrouk, but I think its like the Hyundai accent of 92.

    I mean the minute you saw it back then, it looked katkootih and cool. But after a little while it started looking ugly.

    My advice is not to get attached to this phone, it will get old fast.

    ps: my friend bought this phone for his mother, it seemed fitting. :)

  4. AHHHH

    Lovely phone! I like the ads of this mobilephone,
    absolutely creative! It screams out “ROBA”

    and for the old one, Allah Yer7amo! I absolutely agree that it’s one of the best designed Nokia’s. It’s so…creative!

    as for the “artsy fartsy” — You should trademark that, cause I’m using it a lot! hehehe


  5. Practical or not, love the phone,I wanted to get it but I got a great deal on 7610,bought it for 50 jds so I had to forget about the great looking one you have.

  6. Hal

    Mabrouk! I bet it’s better than my stupid motorolla, which I STILL cant work properly.

    I hate technology. SO confusing.

  7. thats a really pretty phone. mabrook :)

  8. wasim

    :( I always get sad when I change something that has served me for a while. I feel that it has a soul and it is begging me not to throw it away. But I think this is how life goes. Today, your are with someone or something, tomorrow you are not.

    By the way, mabrook for your new mobile and you should keep the old one, I am sure it had severed you well in many situations.


  9. Tomer

    I’m the same about my Nokia 6210, i’ve actually gone and repaired it because of the blackscreens and hang ups…

    I want a new phone, but i simply don’t like all the toys out there.

  10. Ziad D.

    I usually almost find anything on eBay, but unfortunately this particular Nokia is not being sold at the current time. If an auction at one point or another offers it, I would be glad to forward the link to you.

    Enjoy the new phone! :)

  11. Lol Ziad, what is that? I guess I must have the number of the phone wrong! Why do Nokia call their phones by numbers anyway? They’re so hard to remember.
    I’m in love with my new phone though, and lovingly put my old phone away.

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