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Tawjihi is the Jordanian Highschool Leaving Certificate, and it’s apparently so tough that only 55% of this years round of students from the humanities division passed.

Luckily, to the great happiness of the entire family, my cousin Abed passed (mabrook habeebi), which called for celebration the Jordanian way, getting into cars and beeping the heck out of the horns, although it’s both rude and “illegal” (my job as I’m the car owner).

The first place that popped into my mind was Abdoun Circle, the default place to go beep and spin, spin, spin, but unfortunately, Abdoun Circle is closed this summer. The next best thing was Abdoun Mall, as the Blue Fig Circle is closed as well (damn that bridge, when are they going to finish it? And wow, I’m in such an un-eloquent mood).

And you know, I don’t care if it’s uncivilized, dangerous, and rude, I think it’s awesome.

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 400

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  1. khammasti?

  2. haha, me?

  3. ma3lesh 3adamm il mo2akhatheh, bass kam jabb 3abedd, inshallah ikoon mistahell il banzeenatt will zawameer…

  4. hahahaha.. sounds funny!

  5. Mabrook!
    Ah, I really miss directly being part of the beautiful tawjihi 3ajga… I really love all the fuss of the results! The honks, the screams, the fireworks, all the phones ringing in the house, everyone in a corner with their mobiles, talking overexcitedly… The guy at the knafe place asking “meen ilkom?” and “mabrook inshallah?”
    It’s really special:)

  6. Yasmine

    Roba do you know how upsetting this is for the residents of Abdoun? Especially those that live on the main street like me, it is so offensive especially that people are always beeping on our streets, world cup, Tawjihi and every single wedding etc, some times up to 15 wedding per day! My friend is going to write an article about this and how the government really should do something about it. Can you believe that the residents of Abdoun were willing to suffer through all the dust and banging this summer if it meant that abdoun circle would be closed down? You don’t understand the stress that comes with all this noise and nawar; it makes it hellish to live in Abdoun. People come beep here every single day! Can you imagine that! We used to love going out for walks in the evenings but we can’t do that anymore with all the catcalls and nawar hanging around. You have to keep in mind that abdoun used to be the quietest area in Amman, that was ironically the reason why we moved here 24 years ago! It is just rude.

  7. Tania

    seriously Roba, if you dont care if its shallow or rude, why don’t you beep in your own area instead of Abdoun, It is getting really immposible to live here because of the million other Jordanians that come beeping here by ‘default’, are there no more manners? you know if this was something that just happens once every week we would be happy for whatever it is people are celebrating, but it happens 15 times every day! or more…

  8. Lamies

    Yes its true, even with the round about being closed for the bridge people are still beeping here more than 15 times a day Tania, i’m pretty sure its more, i think people sometimes just come beeping here with no occasion whatsoever , and u cant imagine the amount of litter and ciggarette stubs that find inside our garden, my dad has a heart condition and we are really thinking of moving because he needs to live in a stress free area, and abdoun is too chaotic because of such people, dont even get me started with the car accidents here, or the teengaers that race each other and then end up slammed right against our garden walls, so we cant sit in our garden because it takes the government 3 months to fix it.

  9. It is definitely a lot of fun, but it’s still insensitive and selfish.

    Think of it as the Tawjihi version of the person who cuts in line in front of you, or the guy who insists walking slowly in the middle of the street, or the guy who is a closet-dancer-wannabe and lives in the apartment over you and can only dance when you and the rest of your area code can hear that stupid music.

    Sure its fun for that guy, but only for that guy (and everyone in his/her category). The dancer guy, should especially consider his other neighbor –who apart from being deaf by now, is in a wheel chair, and ’m guessing would be really hurt by that lack of empathy and sympathy.

    I think it would be equally hurtful to the families and people who happened not to pass this year.

    I called my cousin to congratulate her on passing tawjihi with a good grade, and will probably visit tomorrow with a gift. It is going to be fun since everyone is going to be there, and most importantly, no body would be justifiably hurt or offended by it.

  10. Shadi

    my brother was backing out of the garage- which is in abdoun, main street, and a car slammed right into him, not only was the guy drunk and under age, but he was also racing another underaged guy that was also caught and they were driving without a license. my brothers car was one week old! imagine that happening all at once while ur simply backing out of the garage! they were going so fast he didnt even see them when he first started backing out, his car was completly wrecked. This street is known for the racing teenagers. A girl once died on this street actually, her parents just sold the house and moved to saudi. yes, she died right infront of her house, a car slammed into her as she was crossing the street, the driver was also speeding. she was actually the reason behind the bumps on the road.

  11. ali

    Roba why dont you beep in your own area instead of abdoun? we have enough people beeping here… more than 20 times a day, do you know what its like to want to relax after a long day at work and then to hear all these noises ! it is like a constant alarm clock, please do something about this, u r making life so stressing for all of us that live on the main street in abdoun


    Good God I miss that time in Amman! :D

    Especially the part where we used to hear gunshots and say “Absar Kamm Jaab iben 3eltaan”

  13. Guys, guys, guys, I agree with all of you in that it is rude and selfish, which is why I hate the fact that Dowar Abdoon is closed. It was just Dowar Abdoun, laffeh, laftein, o khalas. Now it’s spread all over, congregated at Abdoun Mall, and honestly, my heart goes out to all of you who live in Abdoun!
    We do have a lot beeping here too, because we live by Share3 il Thaqafeh.
    Anyway, personally, I was annoyed all day not at the beeping, but rather, at the shooting and at the fireworks.

  14. O.A.

    Every one should calm down!!!!

    It was Tawjihi for Gods sake, her cousin passed and they went to celebrate, just like I did with my cousin and every other person with a relative that passed. They only pass once in a life time and after a whole year of studying we just got them out to celebrate their success.

    When going around celebrating, we went around every neighbor hood we can think of (including my own), not just abdoun, I am sure they did the same. This Tawjihi happiness happens all around the country, you cant target it to one place, maybe some areas more than others, but it happens all around.

    I know how you feel, I lived in one of the busiest streets in Saudi Arabia, and trust me the are much more noise than the are here.

    My point is that when people went out this time it was for a well known reason in which every one was expecting. Im glad I went around with my cousin, especially cause he deserves it.


    P.S. it was during the day time so I wouldn’t expect it to be as disturbing as night time.

  15. ali

    listen , i told you that if people go around beeping to celebrate an occasion like tawjihi that occurs once a year then we wouldnt mind, but on the main street in abdoun people come beeping here every single day! every couple that gets married in amman comes beeping in abdoun, can you imagine how many weddings occur in amman in just one day? you do the math, this is not just about tawjihi, or football games… its about weddings too! if this happened once a weak we would be happy for whatever it is that is being celebrated with, but it happens every day! constantly, and roba, after all that was said, you say ‘thats why i’m sad dowar abdoun closed down’? because now thats its closed down then other areas in amman r suffering from this? the residents in abdoun are signing a petition to get the government to do something about this chaos it is getting out of hand, and some people just have no respect whatsoever for others. mabrook for those who passed tawjihi.

  16. abed

    hahaha thats meeeeeeee , thanx roba ur the best , i passssseeeed woohoooo the feeling was great , its a beautiful thing to pass mabrook to me and everyone that passed

  17. yasmine

    Dear O.A

    you said:
    “P.S. it was during the day time so I wouldn’t expect it to be as disturbing as night time.”

    Excuse me but in Abdoun it was happening ALL DAY LONG UNTIL 2AM IN THE MORNING. you should see the sight of the streets the next morning, it was completly wrecked , you would think pigs and monkeys were let loose.

  18. Husams

    Guys, Tawjihi results are just once a year, noise pollution is an annoying problem, but you are like who want to start a healthy habit of sleeping early right at the New Year eve night!

    Also you can point out some constructive solutions as asking to employ “horns not allowed” signs, rather than just saying go beep where you live, as if it’s all about Roba beeping there! I know residents of Abdoun wont face hard times getting such signs and some policemen to implement it. As well a teenage without a license driving a car in Abdoun is a teenage living in Abdoun.

    After all, the core of the problem is about bad planning for putting commercial areas next to residential areas. People in Jordan tend to believe that residential Areas next to commercial Areas should have more value!

  19. Mabrouk Roba. I think every student has a right to be happy, I do feel bothered by the honking, but still I think it’s legitimate. I remember how good it felt to finish Tawjihi, though I was really sad cause I didn’t get the grade I wanted. Good for you Roba and your cousin, again mabrouk.

  20. manal

    Yasmine, i also live on the main street and i wanted others to know that its not just the street that was wrecked, but also inside our gardens overlooking the main street, cigarettes, half eaten sandwhiches, pepsi cans and GUM! please people it is disgusting, have some manners and self control.

  21. Husams

    S7 I forgot, mabrouk naja7 your cousin Roba :)

  22. aya


  23. For the people who are not Jordanians visting this blog, this is literarly an area of 2 square Km in which the power and wealth of Jordan is concentrated. What you see here is not reflective of the remaining 4,980,000 people or so living in the country.

    And for Yasmine: we now ALL know that you live in Abdoun on the main street. Thanks for telling us.

    P.S. Thanks for allowing this post to go up Roba.

  24. manal

    Actually condescending, i live in the states and we only bring the kids over in the summer, dangerous area for kids to play in.

  25. ayyob

    i was in jordan the past summer when the tawjihi results came out. all my friends were in tawjihi and the couple of days before and after the results are the most amaizing days of my life. i kinda regret not living in jordan and finishing tawjihi over there. we stayed up two days before waiting for the results and two days after celebrating. you really cant blame anyone for being so happy that they honk their car horns. my friends went to the houses of all the friends that passes and zafeenahom. it was great times

  26. Bushra

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