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Revisiting Confessions

I’ve recently been going back and categorizing each and every one of the 1150 posts that I have written in the past 2 years, and while going through them, I discovered that my life has literally been recorded on the digital pages of this blog. Although it is freaky to a certain extent, the awesomeness beats the freakiness.

Like, why was I so much more interesting last March than this March?
Did I ever really think that this is cool?
Why did I stop being so random?
Oh, my god. I drew this? Shu 3eib.

The same also goes for dates and occassions, and for someone as horrible with dates as I, it’s awesome to have all of these things recorded for future reference. For example, these are real examples that I have been asked recently.

When was Hisham’s graduation last year?” Oh, just Google it, I’m sure you’ll find something on my blog.
When did we go to the Turkish bath thingy?” May 27th, 2005.
Do you remember when Paul left?” Google knows everything.

Yet, the weirdest sensation when looking back at older posts comes with the realization that I have grown so much. I have become more serious a person and less of a happy-go-lucky one. Here’s a post I wrote back in early March 2005 titled “If Confession is the Road to Healing…“, amended to be more realistic with what my confessions would be today.

1. My only sources of world news are Aquacool, Mental Mayhem, and SubzeroBlue(although I keep myself up to date with news related to culture and technology).
Although I haven’t become a news junkie yet, I am definitely addicted to reading the news.

2. I’m a bad, bad, bad parker.
I’m a good parker.

3. I recently learned how to spell restaurant.
The “recently” isn’t too recent anymore, is it?

4. I don’t have an anti-virus software installed on my computer.
Ok, that one still holds true.

5. I recently learned the difference between a democrat and a republican(ahem, ahem)
Same as number three.

6. I’ve been submitting the same research to the same professor for the past 2 semesters.
Yeah, well, that went on, and once I thought I used it too much, I started using other research papers or the research papers my friends wrote earlier. We still do that. It works.

7. I have quite a hard time distinguishing left from right.
Ok, yeah, I think I’m getting worse with that. Like, much, much worse.

8. I’ve unsuccessfully tried to learn a dictionary(and I’ll probably try again eventually).
Last time I thumbed through the dictionary in an attempt to learn any words I didn’t know was a few months back- I used a regular pocket dictionary, and wow, I actually know most of the words. Hilarious.

9. I think FireFox is too yellow.
What? What? What? Firefox is the embodiment of perfection.

10. I never bothered to learn the multiplication table and never will. There’s also no way that I can add, subtract, or divide without using the marvelous calculator.
Ok, that’s also getting worse. My math-related braincells are dying constantly.


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  1. HAHAHA! I think that it’s nice to document such events or trends you used to have, it shows you how much you’ve learned and evolved with time. I remember reading somewhere once that you can actually print your blog for like $20 or something, cool huh?

    But seriously, are you that bad at math? Not to learn your times table?!

  2. wow.. roba amazing list of changes..

  3. Onzlo

    I never learnt my maths table either, I just remebered the x2 and x5 tables and then added or subtracted from it, now i dont even remember how to do that…

  4. LOL! Reminds me of a silly girl, who really doesn’t know her left from her right.. no matter how hard she tries.. her north from her south.. LOL!! And who can’t count to save her life! You should see how she settles her bills!!!!

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