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Being Arab

So Lebanon is being razed to the ground in front of our eyes, while the poor Palestinians – Allah y3eenhom – are suffering as they have always suffered from Israeli oppression and destruction. After over 3 years of the start of “Operation Iraqi Freedom”, the situation there keeps getting worse and worse. The Syria-Iran issue is lingering threatningly in the air, and after the 2nd Battle of Mogadishu started in May 2006, the folks over in Somaliland are claiming that it has been the worst fighting in more than a decade of lawlessness. Sudan, meanwhile, is not only on bad terms with many of its neighbors and much of the international community, but also suffering from the long-term effects of a number of civil wars, the most recent being the Darfur Conflict.

Fade into this lovely, happy, cartoonish image [insert happy cartoon jingle]: the infamous group of loonies, Al-Qaeda, who want Spain “back”.

Al-Zawahiri, Al Qaeda’s number-two leader called for jihad until Spain is liberated from the Spanish occupation.

“It is a Jihad for the sake of God and will last until (our) religion prevails … from Spain to Iraq,” al-Zawahri said. “We will attack everywhere.”



Something that makes me feel like crying


On Infographics


  1. Finally someone summarized it…

    it’s hard to be all happy and jolly when you come from the land of terror and political problems. that’s what being an Arab is, sa7?


  2. Yeah,its that ironically sad enough to make you laugh . . . Ahhh, cant write anything about it,i jst cant neither here nor my blog that doesnt hv new content since a coupla weeks or so

  3. Husams

    Saddam Hussein being imprisoned with around 120 thousands American troops around him, in his execution trial, still yelling with his bleeding pride about the coming victory, yes maybe it’s, pride, Arabs problem.

  4. chloe

    i will repost my comment from the old post “refugee” here in case no one will read the old one..

    when has personal faith or religion become such an issue? what do u care who or what your neighbor prays for as long as you pray for the God you belive in, what is happening in the middle east has nothing to do with religion, its about america wanting the oil and its about zionism. i am neither lebanese nor arab nor jewish nor american or british, i am french, and it is obvious that the arabs being set against each other is a war tactic, i’m surprised they dont see it like that, islam is really not as is percieved i have many muslim neighbors and they are completly normal and kind, so its not about islam, if it was about “islamic terrorists” then why are the lebanese christians being targeted and killed? also question for Jason Bourne… do you think that the isrealis have a right to be living in isreal after kicking out the palestians and taking their land? if so why do u belive that they have a reason? i would like to know what your sense of justice is that perfect strangers take your home so that you are later called a refugee and left without the passport living in a tent…? please excuse my english , its not very good. i hope u r understanding my point as well as question.

  5. Jason Bourne

    Ann Coulter has a perspective.

    Bomb Syria back to the stone age.

    The Arab/Muslim culture is stuck in the medival times, with religion playing a much bigger role in their societies than the rest of the world.

  6. Jason Bourne


    Israel’s occupation of Palestine is WRONG and Illegal. I simple detest with Israel oppressing them.

    But, if you blow yourself up in the name of Allah and kill other innocent people, the world perceives you as freak, not a martyr. Now, contrast that to Nelson Mandela’s approach.

    Why is George Bush hated soo much? Because he is crude, not a statesman. His use of force is just like that of a Texan redneck.

    Civilized people use diplomacy. Diplomacy takes time.

    The problem is, the rest of the world cringes when they hear the words Jihad, Islam or Allah.

  7. Jason Bourne


    Do you want Israel to reason with these people?

    I think waging war with them would be venerating them. This is soo twisted, I it makes me sick to my stomach.

  8. All the causes you mentioned above have surprisingly American hands involved in..Even the Somalian president is Wanted by American law now.

    and of course, the Iraqi freedom and/or democracy…I’d rather call it the Iraqi torturing operation. Thanks to the Marines heros, of course.


  9. and aaaah ,of course Al-Qaeda,

    sorry, I forgot to thank the American government for providing Al-Qaeda with the most sophisticated weapons…It’s really amazing how they defeated the Soviet-Union…and how they re-occupied east afghanistan again.

  10. chloe

    Dear Jason Bourne,

    Me being an educated person that is well read and likes to use rational thinking as well as logic when stating an opinion, ur reasons failed to convince and i am left feeling that my questions have not been answered by you, instead, you worked your way around giving a straight answer. the reason you get extremists is because there was injustice, it is the case through out history, not just the palestinians or muslims. you have taken land that is not yours, and they are reacting to that, you treat the arab isrealis like apartheid. am i mistaken? let me tell you something, if you treat people like animals, as you did with the palistinians, do not expect then to react like civilzed human beings. i will be waiting for you to give me better reasons. i am not convinced.

  11. chloe

    i would also like Jason Bourne to understand that the mahotity of the west, distracting the media and politicians, do not sympathize with isreal, but instead with the palistinians. the isrealis think that they will be able to fool us for still a longer time in thinking that they r the ones threatened by the palistians, but that is not convincing. you have more money better weapons.. etc, as well as the the support of britian plus the US, and the palistinians dont even have the support of neighboring arab countries. the war in lebanon is wrong, and isreali excuces, ie. the soldiers, just doesnt convince the edeucated westerners anymore. just because the media is on ur side, highlighting these suicide palistinian bombers does not mean that we cannot dig up what isreal is doing, which i must say is horrendous in comparsion. i will link you to sites, that are not pro- palistinian, but rather objective, later this evening to support my statement.

  12. chloe

    excuse me once again, but the site that jason bourne linked me to, the one about the honour killing what does it have to do with the topic at hand? honour killing i a completly unrelated subject, and this also occurs in non muslim african tribes and china.

  13. chloe

    also jason bourne, you said, “do you want isreal to reason with these people?”

    but i did not ask you to reason with Iranians, i was speaking of palestinians. i am getting confused with your line of thought.

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