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Something that makes me feel like crying

+ Beirut Update

“Fuel oil from the Jiyyeh power plant that was hit by Israel has been pouring into the sea, spreading along the Lebanese coast all the way up to the north, As-Safir reported today. Lebanon has asked Kuwait for help and an official with the Lebanese environment ministry told As-Safir that it could take “tens of years” to get rid of the pollution.
The ministry reportedly asked the Lebanese army and two private companies to survey the damage and find solutions. Environmental organizations and the UNDP have also been contacted.”

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  1. This is really sad. Just shows another aspect of the long-term effects of the war.

  2. Jason Bourne

    I think Israel has crossed the line. While I support their mission to Eliminate Hizbollah, even a single civilian death is unacceptable.

    Pictures of young children being killed crush my heart. I feel helpless.

    If I were a US citizen, I could’ve written to my Senator, but alas, I am not a citizen, yet.

  3. omg.. this is terrible, i’m sure kuwait will help but.. but.. FUCK!!!! that’ll be just like gulf war.. the arabian gulf got screwed with oil :(

  4. i can’t see the pictures

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