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Get Firefox!

Added a temporary white background behind the text because I can’t read what I write against gray for the life of me. I like the white better, but as I’m a CSS novice, the white corners and stuff do not not work as well in Internet Explorer (which is a terrible browser anyway) as they do in Firefox.
I’ll fix it eventually, probably even change the whole design, but for now, I would seriously recommend you download Firefox which is like, the best invention since sliced bread ;)


For Lebanon and Palestine…


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  1. Chris

    Using Opera or Mozilla, everything’s fine with your blog. Just forget the crappy IE. :)

  2. Roba, thanks for changing it. Your blog is not only easier to read now, but much more cheery.

    By the way, I used the front page picture of “The Independent” that you had posted in an earlier entry of yours, but I did not cite you as I had seen it (and similar images) on several other blogs, and was not really sure where it originated from. If you would like me to credit your blog, just a word form you, and I will be glad to do it.

  3. The “Crappy” browser is still 80% or more of the market. So you better fix it
    by the way, I’m using IE7 and it looks fine for me!
    Crappy firefox is a piece of too strict sh@#T. You might get things working because you’re using something that was originally made for firefox but is not too IE friendly, (which I recommend against using)
    Anyway, your call. But seriously, firefox sucks (lets not change this thing to another IE vs Firefox)

  4. jeeze,
    I hate sliced bread.

    though firefox is cool.

  5. testig right back at you :)

  6. haha. was trying an ajax plugin that didn’t work :\

  7. firefox is better than IE. trust me Qwaider!

  8. Moey, no no .. you trust me… I KNOW!

  9. no no no
    you do

  10. hi roba!

    REALLY GREAT new design for your blog…great job girl! im thinking of redoing mine in word press because its so clean and tidy…

    and how were these logos done, didnt understand…

    cheers and keep up the good work!

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