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Holy Gator

(See ‘God’ on written in print on his skin?)

Good to know that we’re not the only psycho ones.




درس اليوم: صمود


  1. nice, but does that make it holy ?

  2. haha you reminded me how Nike had to pull back a picture of fire on its shoes that some people saw the word of “Alla” written on it. For God’s sake we should stop this crap

  3. Jad, holy cow! Why would it become holy! It’s just funny.

  4. hmmmm for some reason i see the letter G and then the number 8. Meaning I see G8, reminding me of the terrible G8 summit. I do not see a D. is there something wrong with me Roba?

  5. Nas

    1.8 billion muslims on the planet: i am astonished to discover that some of us have lower IQs than others.

    someone should be documenting a discovery of this magnitude.

  6. I actually see the word 7alal.

    Maybe that’s a sign that we should cook the poor gator

  7. “Good to know that we’re not the only psycho ones.”

    LOL, not really. Not when 17th to 18th Century Catholicism probably outstripped anyone else by far.

  8. Peter S

    Don’t trust a gator. It’s a trick. They’re clever creatures.

  9. Maybe the Jews typed this on the gator to distract our attention from the events going on in lebanon

  10. odeh

    I like the look on its face..
    “Say what?! whats on the side of me belly?!” hehe

  11. unknown

    We better start seein a swastika! :)

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