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The Real World

Three countries. Amazing.

+ Rambling Hal


For Lebanon and Palestine…




  1. La 7awl El Lah Ya Rab, Its sad & funny

  2. sad but true.
    the other sad part is that i carry one of the 3 countries passport now

  3. Mohannad

    Amazing world, it is the weak vs the strong.
    Why is it that the weak keep saying the truth but nobody listen to his story? And those who are strong, always people follow them no matter lies they tell?
    Is there anything one can do to change that?

  4. Impressive to see a British newspaper say this.

    Shocking to realize that Britain is now truly one of the enemies of peace in the Middle East.

  5. Husams

    It’s unfair how those three countries got half the size of the illustrator, while all the other countries squeezed in the other half. Always our world of ratios conflicts… In fact I would assume they are two countries, as we all by now know that poor Great Britain are too pity to make their own decisions. Or they aren’t? Mr. Yo Blair?

  6. Mark

    What happens with a ceasefire? People temporarily forget that they want to kill the other side? Talks cannot solve every dispute. Hezbollah is dedicated to the extermination of Israel, Israeal wants to to exterminate Hezballah. If Kofi Annan comes in and asks each side to lay down its arms, what long term benefit is there. I am apathetic to how many members of Hezballah or members of the IDF perish. The real question is how many innocent Lebanese can perish to establish a lasting peace on that border. My own answer exceeds none.

  7. Chris

    Imho, the paper is wrong.

  8. Jason Bourne

    No ceasefire.

    We need to take out the hezbollah at the grass roots. I think these tribal militants should see a few daisy cutters in their back yards.

    God Bless America


  9. I’m originally palestinian with a jordanian passport and a british citizenship and i don’t seem to be so happy about it now.. and yes, my mother is lebanese/armenian and a bit of syrian.. and I’m lost here

  10. Those are the same countries that approved the Munich ‘ceasefire.’ One of those countries on the right didn’t exist, but thanks to the ‘ceasefire’ six million of them ended up in an oven. If hizbullah or hamas gets their way, you can fire up the ovens again. Then those of you who casually throw around words like ‘genocide’ and ‘massacre’ will know what those words really mean.

  11. This is a change, and thats if the newspaper is true, but that doesnt matter, cuz we see ppl like Jason fighting for what he doesnt know and wouldn’t even know about in a million years with the type of propaganda they got in the states, and then you’ve got the lost ones and the ones who go extreme, Hezbulla is defending, not taking over and not moving into Israel, and the States just supports whats good for Israel and what might flourish it, and doesn’t give a rats ass about the rest of the arab countries around it, need proof, look at Iraq.. if everyone knew what Israel truly does to its neighbors, then none of us would be talking about this subject, and the world would truly be a better place..

  12. Jason Bourne, maybe you need to learn some history first before you comment on anything.

    Hizbollah and Hamas and you name it were the result of an unjust Israeli occupation and unless this occupation is over you’ll never destriy hizbullah or any similar groups.

  13. max

    guys a hypothetical for you all:

    tomorrow all the Arab countries will say to Israel: Israe, we will throw our weapons into the ocean and never will fire another bullet, bomb, missle etc. What will happen next? Will Israel shoot one shot? Honestly guys… I didn’t think so.

    No reverse the scenario. Tomorrow Israel will throw all of it’s weapons into the sea. What happens next? Yes, all the peaceloving preachers of love and justice will murder every Jew in Israel. I’ve asked plenty of Arabs and none has disputed this.

    So, when the situation is the way it is and a lot of you guys are stuck in the middle ages mentality….What sort of a response do you expect from Israel? If you were in Olmerts place what would you do?

    What do I hear? Kill every Arab in sight? Bomb them till they beg you to stop?

    Then why do I hear so much complaining here?

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