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With love,




Dear Lebanese/Palestinian/Arab/Muslim/Christians – Kids,

Die with love.

Israeli Kids

I guess that one develops a sort of apathy towards very graphic photographs as they are never warded off from the eyes of the Arab child. We grow up with them as a part of our lives- in newspapers, on tv, on campaigns- and we just learn to start taking them for granted… It’s just another photograph.

But this one isn’t.

Thank you, children, our own have received your gifts.


+ Sabbah




For Lebanon and Palestine…


  1. غريبة والله .. شو ها الأطفال؟! .. من شابه أباه فما ظلم

  2. This is degrading and insulting to humanity itself … I really don’t know what to say!

  3. Mohannad

    I am so grateful for your message. Apparently the Israeli kids are concerned and truly in love with us. Love was not expressed in their words only….
    The UNICEF can help in child protection from violence, exploitation and abuse. What role they have when it comes to Arabs….

  4. the pictures had said it all. what would they become when they grow up?

    that’s an act of breeding terrorism in kids.

  5. J

    The comments attached to this photo are misleading and give the impression that these children are actually addressing their messages to ‘Arab kids’.

    Neither the Hebrew nor the English text that is visible in the pictures say anything at all about children ‘dying with love’. But perhaps people who do not read Hebrew (or English) will assume that the accompanying comments are taken from the photos themselves.

    They are TERRIBLE photos *but* possibly headed towards being blown out of all proportion.

    Scrawling all over Israeli rockets and making a photo opportunity out of it is an alarming stunt, but I seriously doubt that these children (who are actually sending their ‘love’ to Hezbollah) can at all comprehend the fact that unfortunately these rockets are around 15 times more likely to hit a civilian than an ‘evil baddie’ (judging by the latest Lebanese death toll).

    I can not justify these pictures, *but*, they are mere children, who appear to be just the latest pawns in the game of ‘kiddy propaganda’. Shame on their parents who appear to be milling about in the background of the pics.

    These children themselves will not be responsible for launching the rockets, so some of the comments I’ve seen on other blogs (i.e. “I wish they had blown up in their faces”) are just out of order. They are ‘armed’ with marker pens, not AK-47s.

  6. wasim

    Do not be sad
    We have our future army generals too, Roba I will send you some pictures I hope you can publish them.

  7. Hidden

    Arabs cry ceasefire only when they’re getting their asses handed to them. They shout and pout ‘warcrime’ when the rockets are inbound not out. And when they see other people wanting to treat them the same way they already treat everyone else they are taken aback and pretend shock. Is laughable really.

  8. lally

    children writing anything on a missile, without being scared half to death is in itself a catastrophe, especially given the times, and these kids, whether they realize where these missiles are headed or not, could not possibly not understand the horrific nature of the “metal thing ” they’re writing on. The desensitization of war and weapons is all too obvious, whether its is apparent on the children themselves or the parents or the soldiers.

    and the english on one of the missiles does say “with love”. and “from Isreal”

  9. Grantman

    see Sandmonkey’s explanation:

  10. FreeThinker

    You’re right, Arab children are accustomed to graphic pictures from a young age. Pictures of buses and cafes blown up by their heroic uncles and brothers.

    The shell says “To Nasrala with love”. Lebanese children are endangered by Hezbollah that puts it rockets next to houses and villages. Maybe you should show pictures of Arab children celebrating the deaths of innocents after a suicide bombing or kidnapping.

  11. Roba, I am not excusing anything. Who said anything of an excuse?

  12. Jason Bourne

    Everywhere there are muslims, innocent non-muslims are being killed.

    I wish we had more moderate muslims

  13. Najeeb

    “The blogger claims s/he had to move the images off his/her
    server because of heavy traffic (interesting that s/he only had
    to move the images of the artillery shells but not that of the
    dead child, I think). Their URLs now show a 404 with an image of
    Al-Sa7af (quite apt, I think, considering the general subject).
    So please allow me to clarify that the text included in the
    forward is from the blogger’s imagination and is *not* what’s
    written on the shells.

    What’s written on the shells is a dedication to Nasrallah, as
    far as I can determine.

    RasEm Brsiq

    P.S. Speaking of interesting things, it’s also interesting,
    I think, that the forwarder did not judge it necessary
    to include the following P.S. from the blog (and I

    “PS. The above message is imaginary. It is not what
    I see written on the bombs (although it might be
    written on some but we can’t see), it is just what
    this entire thing means. The girls might be signing
    the bombs to be send to Nasrallah and Hezbollah,
    but the bomb are falling on civilian heads, not

    Of course, I imagine that if the blogger can point out
    the position of Nasrallah to the Israeli army, they’d
    be very happy to send an express-delivery artillery
    shell, or ten, to him… :-)”

  14. Jason, that’s hilariously illogical and racist. People such as yourself amuse me.

  15. Peter S


    Sandmonkey got Lisa Goldman to look into these pictures. Disturbing as they are, there appears to have been some manipulation involved by foreign photojournalists looking for some sensationalism.

  16. Jeff

    these pictures really don’t bother me. the children are obviously old enough to understand the situation and pissed that they were attacked for no reason and had to leave their homes for a shelter. i think this is totally different than when i see hamas parade children through the streets of gaza wearing suicide belts and holding guns, but that’s just my opinion.

  17. kyber

    “Dear Lebanese/Palestinian/Arab/Muslim/Christians – Kids”

    that’s what you say – but that’s not what the pictures say. That’s barely what you wish the pictures said so your loyalties would be seen as less defective.

  18. cynic

    “To Nazrala with love”. -)

    clearly not “Death to kids”, not “Death to lebanese”, not even “Death to Nazrala”. Are you surprised these children do not like Hesbollah that launches Katushas on them? the thing that bothers me is that they actually see the shells, but not what they write given a situation.

    To some posters:

    >> lally Says: children writing anything on a missile, without being scared half to death is in itself a catastrophe.

    Negative, kids do not understand the meaning of danger.

    >> Mohannad Says: I am so grateful for your message. Apparently the Israeli kids are concerned and truly in love with us.

    Not with you, unless you are Nazralla.

    >> manal y Says: the pictures had said it all. what would they become when they grow up?

    People who put “love” instead of “death” have a chance to become normal when they grow up. I wish to see one day a palestinian child putting the word “love” on Quassam. You know, maybe then he’ll have a chance to become just a man.

    To me the sentence sounds more like a frustration than a death wish or a message of hate. Compare it with:

  19. Leila

    cynic, you are seriously stupid man, are you convinced with the shit you just said? what kind or rational thinker makes such sorry excuses? hilarious stream of thought

  20. Ofer from Israel

    Glad to see there were some comments who realized the manipulation. Those who didn’t notice, go and look at the photos carefully again. On the shell on the left you can read “Nasrallah” yourself (with typos yes, kids). On the shell in the middle I can tell you it says Nasrallah in Hebrew, ask any Hebrew reader. This is the recipient this girl hopes for.

    But let’s not ruin Sabbah’s wonderful and humane theory.

    BTW – if these children are near the cannons, that means they are in the north of Israel, being shelled and killed by Hizballah just the same (only that Israelis are equipped with better bomb shelters). Rockets have been fired by Hizballah on that region also before this operation, only there was not that much coverage. Even this operation by hizballah to kidnap the soldiers began with an unprovoked rocket attack across entire northern Israel after some months of quiet.

  21. Leila B.


    I strongly suggest you leave Palestinian children out of this. Palestinian children, their parents, and their grandparents have been suffering for ages… and why? Because the Jews needed a home. So what did they decide to do? To kick those Palestinians out of theirs, torture them, rob them, humiliate them, AND call them terrorists (to this day I don’t understand why), and you expect them to express their love for you (I’m assuming you are Jewish)? Tell me something Cynic, I come over to you one day, knock on your door, tell you to get the hell out or I’ll kill you… would you tell me how much you LOVE me? I don’t think so. I really don’t think so.

  22. Haig

    Sorry Leila B. I don’t agree with you… They came to Palestine and raped its people simply because it’s their “promised land” …. Therefore killing people is their God given right… Apparently God wanted it that way.

  23. cynic

    its not humanly right to answer you, what a reply is this:
    ((People who put “love” instead of “death” have a chance to become normal when they grow up.))

    and then you continue and say:
    ((I wish to see one day a palestinian child putting the word “love” on Quassam. You know, maybe then he’ll have a chance to become just a man.))

    i swear this is the last time i’ll answer to such comments

    cynic wish for no Qassam or your bombs to be fired at all.

  24. Rafial

    where do you got this pic from

  25. tam

    cynic, do you honestly believe that a palestinian cannot be a man one day if he is incapable of writing the word ‘love’on a bomb? it is ESPECIALLY more barbaric to use the word LOVE on a freaking bomb! Personally i find it much easier and ‘normal’to have the need to say ‘death to you’when there are people dying all around you than “to leb with love”. It is basic psychology. try to think outside teh box from time to time bec ignorance is not bliss.

  26. raghed

    This is not surprising from the murderers of Jesus and the persecuters of Mohamad (Khaibar). But this time the thionists have dug their own grave. The same God that promissed them a Land promissed us to kick them out of it, and the time is soooooooooooon.

  27. ~Sharon Stone~

    Israel- medication or meditation?

  28. basheer

    You can see the real attitude of the Jews towards Arabs.
    As long as Zionist ( not al Jews are Zionist ) in control, there is never be peace.
    They are the worst human being living on earth..

  29. this makes me want to throw up..

  30. gEoRgIe

    i think that is disgusting!! but not the children but the lack of knowlegable and emotional education that must take place in israel for this to happen. I know that i dont come from one of the countries in the fore front of educating our people ( South Africa ) but i would be very ashamed and upset if i saw our kids writing on bombs intended on killing!!! Although i say all of this the truth is how could kids be writing anything nice on these bombs “with love” cant mean anything good i dont care how much you say it! It simply means that the propaganda has worked and that these kids think it is ok!!!!! and they must hate everyone else

  31. randy

    Children will beleive anything that they are told by an authority figure. These children are guilty of nothing more than trying to learn more about the world around them. The authority figures should be condemned. It reminds me of “The Hitler Youth”. Bigotry is LEARNED

    Hate the haters,

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