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For Lebanon and Palestine…

toot invites bloggers and non-bloggers to write in this blog dedicated to the crisis we are facing in Lebanon and Palestine.

All you need to do to start writing in this blog is to register. The registeration process should not take you more than 30 seconds. You can also contribute to the flickr group of this blog:

Another way to voice your opinion is to leave us a skype voicemail message. We will showcase your voicemail messages everyday.

God bless.


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  1. Michelle

    Just found your site through Farah’s Sowaleef. Very disturbing pictures. What is your best guess as to what happens next?

  2. Michelle

    and what is kubeh nayyeh?

  3. Hi Michelle, welcome here. Kubeh nayeh is a Lebanese “mezza” paste (cold appetizer) composed of raw meat and cracked wheat. It’s yummy.

  4. good job guys…keep it up

  5. i posted/joined there.. toot still hates me

  6. Moey, why do you say that?! No one hates you! I personally really like you and I like your blog too.

  7. are you serious?

  8. Roba,
    how do you confirm you’re a member on Toot?
    isnt there a member login area or something?

    I joined a while ago,
    bass I don’t know whether i’m up there or not
    or at least rejected.

    I joined the flickr group


  9. Vive le Liban!

  10. I quit the flickr group, i was in tabat and lebanon and ghazza now

  11. Michelle

    Thanks for the info on Kubeh nayeh. It does sound yummy. It sounds a bit like carpaccio, which we eat in the States, but is Italian in origin.

    I have to say I’m worried about all of you. How is everything and what do you think will happen next?

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