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Podcasting Boom

Blogging has been booming in the Middle Eastern world for a while now, but podcasting in our region is still taking baby steps.
The latest on the Middle Eastern podcasting front is a podcast called the dotShow, by an Persian man called Saleh.
And guess who the stars are of dotShow’s pilot episode?
The toot team!
The dotShow interviews Karim, George, Jad, and Wael, so tune in and get to know the team, what they do, and where they want to go. From the dotShow blog, “Advices for startups and new businesses along with an insightful team spirit (fights, disagreements, diversity) that’s a real team spirit that is not hidden to anyone. No faking, no fabricating. I love the way they think.”

Listen to the podcast here.




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  1. Yes, podcasting will now gather pace among bloggers in the region.

    You can also read about Business Podcasting taking off in the Middle East here:

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