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Palestine & Lebanon: Demonstration

Peaceful demonstration/march in support of the Palestinians and the Lebanese. Starting point in front of the Orthodox Club in Abdoun at 7:00 PM tonight.
Bring a candle.


Ashes to Ashes




  1. Azza

    Now that Lebanon is being bombarded you call for a demonstration. But Gaza has been under bombardment for weeks and you did nothing. Why?

  2. The people here need to express their anger peacefully… otherwise they will be frustrated and suppressed.

  3. whatever

    Get Lost, why NOw?

  4. Luai

    Why didn’t they protest the kidnapping of the israelis? And didn’t these terrorists expect a heavy handed response to their actions?

    There has got to be a better way than an eye for an eye and we’ve got to stop this never ending cycle of violence, destruction, and killing.

    Frankly I am sick of it…from both sides.

  5. Roba, carry a candle for me please.

  6. Me

    Azza, how about you either do something useful or keep your mouth closed?

  7. shit. ma intabahet

  8. What is a peaceful demonstrations and what is a non-peaceful demonstration?

  9. john doe

    Where was your so called outrage when 200 people got blasted away in India 2 days ago? Normal civilians just returning home from work in trains and BOOM! End of Life. Not to mention 460 injured in span of 15 minutes. I didn’t see any “peaceful protest” for that episode.

    I say let Lebanon burn. Maybe the heat will make locals grow some balls to throw out HA. After all it’s HA that’s squeezing Lebs with their hard grip to keep power.

  10. john doe, i feel sorry for whoever dies in India because of terrorist bombing but Indians have one billion people to murn them and help them , Palestenians have nobody caring for them instead they’re accusing them of being the cause behind what’s happening. We have friends and families in Palestine and Lebanon that’s why we care for them the most. We have our own problems and our own people are suffering and dying. got it now?

  11. Mezna

    Why didn’t they protest the kidnapping of the israelis?

    you need to keep your racism in check. can you do that?

    i mean you have slaughtered scores of lebanese and palestinains. in your jewish-run concentration camps you have thousands of arab hostages. and here you are wondering why we won’t light a candle for your prisoners of war.


  12. lina

    so roba tell us about the demonstrtion. how was it?

  13. Lina, it was alright. Emotional…

  14. J

    Despite having a vested interest in both Israel (religion) and Palestine (my ‘significant other’), I can think of nothing else to say but “may a resolution one day be achieved”.

    I am sick and tired of reading about mounting scores of deaths – be they civilian or military, Muslim, Jewish, Palestinian, Christian, Indian, American, British, Iraqi, Lebanese, or anything.

    When did human lives become so insignificant?

  15. i so wish i could organize something in cairo but im still a novice blogger . any suggestions

  16. dougal

    I’m sitting here, in a safe place, with no stake in the middle east other than the price of my petrol. I’d like to think that this would make me impartial but, I have to say that seeing the Isrealis carry out their assault on Lebanon, whatever their ostensible motives might be, makes my blood boil.
    Does anyone remember the Cedar Revolution? There was hope then. Now, in the same place place, there’s despair.
    Does that answer your “doing nothing about Gaza” question, Azza?

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