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Standing over Beirut in March.

Gaza. Iraq. Syria. Iran. Somalia.

Now Lebanon.



Real blog!




  1. O.A.

    Yea how similar are those two pics

    by the way i laughed so hard on this image

  2. Jump Jump, mcdaddy will make ya.. Jump Jump…daddymac will make ya..

    Do you not remember Kriss Kross at all?

    Damn man, now I feel old.

    congratulations on the new home and the switch to wordpress. As for the design: Love the Header, hate everything else!

    But with the deisgn I have, who am I to talk?

  3. yes it’s really sad n things are going out of hands (or thats how they wants thing to be like)
    and all we do is just look.

  4. It’s depressing.

    P.S mabrook on your new home :-)

  5. 3aBBaS

    It seems that you’re gonna be the next “7anthala” with pics of you standing in different places with a certain message..

  6. very sad.

  7. thats an amazing photo

  8. أحر الآهات .. والأحزان .. والآلام

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